sulabh swatchh bharat

Saturday, 16-February-2019


After the government failed to help them, the women took to build the road themselves and completed it in a time of mere 3 days

Having dealt with the government’s incompetence and disinclination for about a decade the women in a small village of Bihar, manned themselves up to build a road. Residents of a small village in Bihar’s Banka district had to face severe hardships to commute from one place to another due to lack of proper roads. Eventually, the villagers decided to take the burden upon them to build the road. With spades, shovels and baskets in their hands, more than 200 women took to the streets and dug the ground to construct a two km-long road within 72 hours, elating dozens of villages that lie in the route. The task which the government was unable to do for decades was achieved by the villagers in a matter of three days.
“It was really painful during the rainy season when we weren’t able to reach even the local primary health centre barely 2.5km away owing to wet mud spread all over,” said Rekha Devi, a local woman. According to her, there was a large death toll, especially of pregnant women, failing to get proper medical attention in time due to lack of proper roads.
The local landlords initially turned down the offer to part with their private land but on constant persuasion by the women they were finally convinced. Honouring the willpower of the local women the local administration announced to turn the unpaved road into a proper road. “The construction of the road was not possible without acquiring private land but the women did what we couldn’t,” said Kundan Kumar, the local district magistrate.