sulabh swatchh bharat

Tuesday, 25-September-2018


Cleanliness is not just about being clean from the outside but also from within

Clean surroundings along with a clean mind are the perfect ingredients for holistic spiritual salvation. Cleanliness isn’t limited to germs and the body but also one’s surroundings. Whatever we perceive, we become. Constantly perceiving filth can create the same filth within one’s consciousness as well. 
Since our perceptions and senses are so intricately connected to our experiences, it is imperative to evaluate what it is that we are perceiving and sensing on a daily basis. When one’s surroundings are filthy, one automatically makes a projection of the same in one’s mind, and this projection leads to the experience becoming unpleasant.  Any kind of spiritual development or awakening is hindered by this unpleasantness. One can’t even meditate to achieve a clear mind if one’s perception and projections are that of filth and dirt. 
Since our experience of life is entirely determined by how we interpret our perceptions, it is essential for one to be conscious of what one perceives. Since our perception is so closely tied to our experience of life, it is important to make sure that we don’t perceive things that cause the same unpleasantness. 
Everything in the Universe carries a certain frequency, a vibration. This is where the popular term “Good Vibes” comes from. While clean things have higher (positive frequency) vibrations, filth always carries lower (negative frequency) vibrations with it. When we leave our surroundings and body unclean, the lower vibrations spread all over our being thus making everything we perceive, unpleasant. 
Since even our surrounding objects carry their own positive and negative vibrations, it is important to see if there are objects in our surroundings that are causing us to experience life negatively. It is important to stay vigilant about clutter. Clutter carries the energy of confusion and leads to that confusion affecting our state of mind. While it is important to be mindful of one’s surroundings, a “clean” mind goes a long way towards making life peaceful, happy, and spiritual. A clean mind is a clear mind. A mind without racing thoughts. An “unclean” mind is the one that is constantly engaged in chatter, random thoughts, planning, and thinking about the future. 
In order to achieve a clean mind, all one needs to do is -- Meditate. Meditation is a means to quieten the mind and achieve clarity of thought. Meditation isn’t an elaborate activity that requires years of practice in isolation. It simply requires one to be aware of one’s breath throughout the day. As long as one is aware of one’s breath, one’s mind cannot get cluttered with irrelevant thoughts. Thus cleanliness is not just about being clean from the outside but also from within. When you can achieve a clean mind and clean surroundings, it becomes very easy to align yourself with the Supreme Power which is ultimately next to Godliness.