sulabh swatchh bharat

Friday, 20-July-2018


The present moment is the canvas of life on which beautiful experiences appear moving through time

Think of the Here and Now aka your present moment as a container of your life. The Here and Now is the canvas on which your life is happening and if you are not present to it, if you’re not aware of it, then you are definitely missing out on a beautiful masterpiece that your life can be and already is. All it takes is a shift in perspective. All your life you have lived a certain way and now if this requires some radical shifts in perspective, then maybe that’s the best thing that needs to happen for your true self (your soul) to achieve its maximum potential and really be that masterpiece on the canvas of life. You see, the here and now is an unperceivable, yet quite liveable and realizable place where you already exist it is just waiting to be noticed up by your awareness and your soul so that you can finally break out of your mind-made ego and be free from any kind of suffering.   
The peculiar thing about the present moment is that once we start coming out of our thought-patterns and egoic behaviour and start stepping into the present moment, we experience our lives afresh without labels or distracting thoughts or judgments, experiences like these are so blissful and transcendental. When we start inhabiting the present moment more and avoid getting lost in thoughts and daydreams, we start realising that the present moment is timeless, It goes on forever. All the time it’s now. Time then basically becomes a measure of change in one’s experience or perception. Hence the quote “Time does not exist, Clocks do”. The present moment is your only reality.
The present moment is truly magical because it finally sets your spirit/being free. Once you realise that you yourself are one and inseparable with the present moment, you stop being pulled away by the egoic illusions (Maya) of life. You realise that your home is the here and now and you are already there all the time. Thoughts and daydreams stop pulling your attention away from being aware of your present moment experience. Living in the moment and being mindful is truly blissful. This kind of mental state has been termed as “Sat Chit Ananda” which means - Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. The here and now is the resting place for your soul where your spirit truly unites with the universe itself. The now is simply forever.  And you are it.