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Sunday, 16-December-2018

US Republican in Trump Village

Puneet Ahluwalia inspects developmental work being carried out of Sulabh International in Marora

Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, Founder, Sulabh Sanitation and Social Reform Movement, along with Mr. Puneet Ahluwalia, Member of Trump Asian Pacific Advisory Committee 2016 of ruling Republican Party, inaugurated toilets and a vocational training centre at a village in Marora panchayat in Nuh district of Haryana on July 18. Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak has made a small but significant effort in cementing Indo-US ties, as part of which work on toilets and other development activities have been launched about few weeks ago in Marora panchayat. As an honour, the village was recently dedicated  after the US President Donald Trump by Dr Pathak. 

Sulabh has adopted the village for a social welfare programme which is on track and to make the village open-defecation free keeping in mind that the people of the village will lead a better life. The rechristening of the village after the new President of the United States is a goodwill gesture and is a tribute to the strengthening bilateral ties between India and the US. Sulabh International has been working in some villages of Mewat for quite some time. The Trump Sulabh Village, originally called Morara, was chosen and adopted by the NGO in consultation with villagers for its further social welfare activities.

Ahluwalia inaugurated the newly built toilets and vocational training centre for women a girl’s of the village. “I feel privilege to part of the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make villages free from open defecation,” said Ahluwalia.The toilets have been built by Sulabh International, which has undertaken the renaming exercise. Marora has 165 families and a total population of around 2000. Only 20 out of 165 houses of this Muslim dominated village has toilets, and most of the people are manual labourers. The announcement to build toilets in Marora was made a day after Haryana government had announced its rural areas are to be free from open defecation, leading to speculation about the real reason behind the administration’s reaction.

Welcoming the move to name a village after Trump, he said it will help in highlighting the important issue like sanitation at an international level. “The village was named after US president to honour the leader of free work. It gives an inspiring message to the world leader to make social and economic change in the life of common people,” said Ahluwalia adding that women of the village were happy as the initiative has given them their dignity back. He said before constructing a temple and mosque no one needs permission from god, similarly for dedicating something to the leader of free world should not create any trouble.

To ensure total sanitation coverage, Sulabh International has initiated toilet construction for over hundred houses. Five Sulabh toilets were inaugurated and handed over to the families on Tuesday. The construction is in full swing and all toilets will be constructed within one month. Sulabh International founder and chief, Dr Bindeshwar Pathak said as an honour, we want to dedicate the village in the name of US President Donald Trump and put nickname the village as “Trump village”. “We are trying our best to get due approval by the government authorities in this respect,” said Dr Pathak. He said that putting name of President Trump is a symbolic gesture to pay respect to him. We are confident that the people of the village will lead a better life and at the same time go a long way in strengthening bilateral ties between India and America.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Pathak said, “One could control his hunger for a while, but could not check the pangs to answer natural call. If anybody sitting here, needs to go to toilet, he can’t wait even for a moment. He will rush immediately. That’s why there is an urgency to build toilets. We are fortunate in getting support of Mr Ahluwalia with which we can construct toilets in many villages. We will adopt villages and will try to fulfill the PM’s dream of a Swachh Bharat by October 2, 2019.” Dr Pathak and Puneet Ahluwalia were welcomed in the village with traditional headgear. Dr Pathak too reciprocated the gesture by presented bouquets to village sarpanch. Puneet Ahluwalia’s mother Harjeet, brother-in-law Amar Gulati and sister Parmita Gulati were present on the occasion.

Dr Pathak said, he was a doer who never waited for anyone or anything to get going. He had announced to start work on 95 toilets during his last visit. Five of them have already been completed while work is going on on remaining 90 toilets. All households in the area will have their own toilets within a month or so, he said. He said toilets were a necessity for our mothers and sisters. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too gave a clarion call for Swachh Bharat on August 15, 2014 emulating Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of cleanliness. He has dreamed that each household should be equipped with a toilet by Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary i.e. 2019. I am helping him in realizing the dream. I am doing this work for past 50 years. I don’t have any power nor do I have much resources. Still, with people’s help I have created a world of my own which is called Sulabh Sukhad Sansaar (Sulabh’s happy world) where people of all caste, creed live together in perfect harmony. Besides cleanliness, we are also working in the field of education, skill development, health and jobs. We will undertake all these tasks in Trump Village within one month or so.

Puneet Ahluwalia lauded the efforts being made by Dr Pathak. He was happy to know that five toilets had been constructed in Trump village during  past 25 days and work was going on on rest of 90 toilets. It’s a stupendous task and Dr Pathak is handling it deftly, he said. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, Mr Ahluwalia said, “God lives in clean houses. That is why, I wish that when I come here next time, I want to see a clean village”. He appealed the people to work together and rebuild the Golden India of yore. He also appealed to the Indian diaspora to help build at least one toilet to make the PM realize his dream of a clean India. Haji Ibrahim, the sarpanch of Marora village, thanked Dr Pathak profusely for having adopted his village. “Now we are getting electricity. Toilets are being constructed. This all is because of inspirational leadership of Dr Pathak. People should learn from his example and follow him.