sulabh swatchh bharat

Monday, 17-December-2018

The Secret is in the Present Moment

Live in the present moment. Be the present moment

Life is breathtaking. From the very first breath to the very last, it’s a journey of tantalising experiences with rich sensations and perceptions all weaved nicely together to form our own individual stories. Life seems easy when we are young and figuring out the nuts and bolts of life and the world around us.

Somewhere along the way, we all grow weary and simply accept our conditions and learn to go through the motions. We start repressing our feelings and put on idealistic masks of ourselves that we show to the world. We lose touch with our authentic selves and start living exclusively as the mind created character we show ourselves as. This disconnect is the beginning of the condition we identify as suffering. Suffering is the condition of being focused internally and living exclusively through the mind made ego personality.

Suffering is caused by a dissonance between the individual’s core self-expression and the ego that blocks natural expression and compensates for it. This manifests in a lot of ways in individuals, the most common being psychological issues like - anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and personality disorders. It may also manifest in the form of physiological issues like high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues.

 The simplest way to put it is - Live in the present moment, Be the present moment. Be Here and Now. And that’s about it. That’s how one can live life fully without suffering. Because of our extensive conditioning, we find this seemingly easy activity difficult to do. We have been bombarded with useless information from the society and culture, and our own thoughts that we have developed an addiction to. We critically think and analyse every single experience rather than simply being in the moment and enjoying the experience

Being in the present moment doesn’t mean that one stops thinking and becomes a rock; it means, one doesn’t get in the way of one’s own self. Being in the present means experiencing life without a bias and experiencing it fully with love. Without fear or judgment. The best way to start living in the present moment is to start being conscious of one’s breath. Our core being and our breath are always in the Here and Now. It’s only our attention that wavers back and forth and so by being conscious of the present moment breaths, one becomes grounded in the present moment.

This way you can start experiencing life how it’s supposed to be experienced. This way you can be authentic and let that flow in your intentions, words, and actions thus making life more harmonious and worth living.