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Monday, 21-January-2019


Meet the Honest Chennai Porter Who Helped Restore a Lost Bag With Rs 5.75 Lakh Cash!

What would you do, if you found a bag containing cash over Rs 5 lakh? While greed is likely to take over and it wouldn’t take many a lot of time to flee with the bag, one licensed porter from the Tambaram railway station decided to do exactly the opposite. Poyyamozhi, who has worked as a porter at Tambaram for over than 15 years, helped a passenger who lost a bag containing Rs 5.75 lakh, get it back.
1 November was a usual day for the porter until around 3.45 am, he found an unclaimed bag on platform number 5, immediately after the Salem – Chennai Egmore Express departed. When he saw that the bag lay unattended with no owner in sight, he decided to inspect it. The old porter was taken aback at the amount of cash it contained. Jumping into quick action, he rushed to the duty pointsman and Station Master, who then as per protocol, alerted the Railway Protection Force in Tambaram.
The inspection of the bag revealed it had over Rs 5,75,720 lakh in cash alongside used clothes. 
It took hardly any time for the Railway Protection force to trace the owner of the bag who was to reach Chennai Egmore. When the passenger after realising he had lost the bag, filed a complaint, he was immediately ensured that the bag was found. It was successfully restored to him.
Moved by the porter’s honesty and selfless act, the man wanted to reward Poyyamozhi with some cash, but Poyyamozhi was quick to decline it, stating he was only doing his job, matter-of-factly.
Poyyamozhi is not only known for his honesty but also for having reunited several runaway children with their parents in the past years of service, reports the New Indian Express.
Though the porter refused to take any money, the Chennai Divisional Railway Manager Naveen Gulati lauded his work by personally visiting Tambaram station on Wednesday and bestowing upon Poyyamozhi a memento — a small model of a Railway Coach from Rail Museum, to thank him on behalf of the Railways.