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Friday, 20-July-2018


She does not care for her gender. Her work on aged HIV patients is important

Joyita Mondal Mahi has been active as a social worker in West Bengal for over a decade.The 29-year-old is now serving as the state’s first transgender judge of a Lok Adalat but says her selection is a testament of her portfolio and has nothing to do with her gender. “It was my performance that got noticed by the district administration. My work is my identity,” Mahi says. Currently handling loan recoveries, she says at the outset her social work profile in Islampur revolved around the LGBT community.
“After I started working, I felt the need to work for the entire community and not just one specific group of people,” she said. Mahi, who hails from Kolkata, recollects how she could not finish her studies due to gender identity issues and the discrimination she faced when she first turned up in Islampur in 2010. Her key work is setting up old-age homes for HIV positive people, forming her own organisation, and acting as a bridge between the people and the administration.