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Saturday, 16-February-2019


Two Bengaluru teens have designed a sensor which can detect gas leaks and alert people in advance

As the incidents of  accidental explosions and fires caused by domestic gas cylinders keeps increasing,  two Bengaluru youngsters , both teenagers, have designed a sensor which can detect gas leaks and alert people in advance.
Purushottam N (14), a Class 9 student of Government High School, Uttarahalli, and his sister Shravani N (16), a first-year Pre-university Commerce student of Dayanand Sagar College, have designed the sensor to exhibit it at the college’s talent search competition.
Purushottam says , “To solve the problem of accidental fires and explosions of gas cylinders, we used Arduino Uno, a micro-controller, MQ5 sensor, which exclusively senses LPG gas, LCD, a potentiometer (an instrument for measuring voltage) to increase and decrease the voltage of the LCD, and an LED and a buzzer for the output. If there is a gas leak, the LED turns red and the servomotor will turn off the cylinder automatically.”
“The buzzers will also set off. Our objective is to save women, especially mothers. We would also like to integrate the GSM technology also as it will also be able to send messages, too,” he adds. The teenagers’ innovation gains significance from the fact that the total number of accidental deaths from cooking gas cylinder and stove explosions in India was 3,667 during 2015, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. In Karnataka, there were 359 deaths during 2015. Of the total 3,667 dead, 2,736, or 74.6 per cent, were women. The teenagers’ parents -- Krishnamurthy N, an autodriver, and Kalavathi N, a tailor -- said they felt proud of their children’s achievement and hoped that their innovation would help bring down the deaths due to LPG leaks.