sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 19-December-2018


Union Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister Narendra Singh Tomar hails Sulabh for coordinating employment with education and cleanliness

Cleanliness and proper education are necessary to make improvements in any society, but if employment opportunities too are added to them, no one can prevent the country and the society from moving ahead. These views were expressed by the Union Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister Narendra Singh Tomar at a programme organised in Sulabh Village. 
He said that it is encouraging to see that all the three qualities are available in the Sulabh village. He congratulated Founder of Sulabh Sanitation and Social Reform Movement, Dr Bindeswar Pathak, for making it possible.  
Tomar visited various departments in the Sulabh village. He spoke to the staff and students of Sulabh School and Skill Training Center. He also met the widows from Mathura and the former manual scavengers from Rajasthan. The children of Sulabh School offered prayers in English and Sanskrit before the guest. Minister Tomar seemed very impressed with the passion and the talent of the children. He encouraged the children to go ahead in life and build India’s future.

Sulabh has energised us
Tomar said that cleanliness is his responsibility if seen from the point of view of the government, but the work of the Sulabh family has made him feel more energised and motivated. Now, the government and officials need to work ever harder. 
He said that ‘Sanitation’ is not a new topic for any Indian. Cleanliness is inbuilt in our culture. He said that if we ask anyone in this country if they want to live in a filthy environmeynt, hardly anybody will say ‘yes’. The biggest question facing the country is that nobody in India wants to live in dirty surroundings, yet our country is full of filth. 
He continued to point out that Gandhi spent his entire life seeking the answer to this question. It was good that Dr Pathak too made a thorough study on this subject. He felt happy that Prime Minister Modi is inviting the people of the country to look for an answer to the same question so that when the country completes 75 years of independence, we present Bapu a clean and healthy India. 
Tomar said that the concrete resolve of Modiji behind this campaign has definitely taken the shape of a crusade today. The movement started by the government has now become a mission. Now it is our duty to turn it into a mass movement and on the day this happens, India will be transformed into a clean and healthy India.

Rs 5 to build toilets
Tomar said that he did not know Dr. Pathak earlier but he had heard about him, that he is from Bihar and is working on the construction of toilets. When he first contested the municipal council from Gwalior in 1983, Sulabh was already building toilets in Gwalior. Then as a government representative, he too thought about building toilets. For this, he used to accept Rs 5 contribution from people. 
That was the time he came in contact with Sulabh International. It is true that cleanliness is indubitable essential for all of us, Tomar remarked adding, without that we cannot remain healthy and will not be able to do any work. It is important therefore that we all keep our own neighbourhood as well as keep our surroundings clean.

5 States have become ODF
The subject of hygiene is vast and is related to behaviour change. It is difficult to achieve, but this goal must be achieved by all of us because it is very necessary for the creation of a better India in our future, in the coming tomorrow. Clean and healthy India will be built from this resolve. 
When Prime Minister Modi in his Independence Day speech on August 15, 2014, had asked the people of the country to build toilets in their homes, nobody had imagined that it would take the form of a movement. But today this campaign of the Government has taken the form of a movement across the country. 
Now people have become aware of the need for toilets and for cleanliness in every village and school. Today there is a mission and zeal about cleanliness. Speaking at the Sulabh village on this occasion, Tomar said that he was not the only one talking about cleanliness. 
In our country, thousands of people are working for cleanliness in some form or the other. Since Gandhi Jayanti in 2014, five state governments have become completely free from defecation in the open (ODF). These include Kerala, Sikkim, Himachal, Uttaranchal, and Haryana. Besides that, more than 2.04 lakh villages of the country have freed themselves from the open defecation. There are about 149 districts, which are completely free of open defecation. There are 1651 gram panchayats on the banks of river Ganga from 5 states - Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. There are around 4.5 thousand villages in 1651 panchayats in these states. From these, 93 percent of villages have been declared free from defecation in the open.

Training for Waste Recycling
Tomar reminded his audience that our work does not end with freedom from open defecation in the country. Along with this, it is also necessary to re-use waste. For this, the open areas which are free from filth are being used for starting the recycling process of solid and liquid waste. As long as the management of solid and liquid waste is not done, our villages will not be completely clean. That’s why the government, following Sulabh’s example, has started training programs in the villages where the open defecation has stopped. Simultaneously, the government, with inspiration from Sulabh, is also pursuing solid-liquid management work by using self -help groups.

Sulabh has shown the path
Tomar expressed happiness that Sulabh has shown the way. People generally did not know that there was a need for serious technology in toilets, but Sulabh has proved that technology can be used to sort out the problem.  
A lot of techniques have emerged from studying the path taken by Sulabh and all these techniques are being used for cleanliness. Dr Pathak has been engaged in this work since the 70’s.  For this Dr Pathak deserves congratulations. 
But now, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, and with the help of Dr Pathak, the country’s leaders, actors, big industrialists, and all the people, are working together to ensure that the objective of Swachh Bharat Mission is fulfilled. Cleanliness alone can create a healthy India. Through it, we can realise the dream of our ancestors, which is a clean and healthy India. 
The Sulabh family is doing commendable work not only in cleanliness but also in other areas. For this, the minister congratulated all the Sulabh family members. Under the leadership of Dr Pathak, he said that he hoped that everyone at the Sulabh centre makes all the progress in the best possible manner. He added that his wishes were with them and he wanted everyone in the Sulabh family to move forward, closer towards their goals and achieve well- deserved success.