sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 21-June-2018


Plastic is a big problem for environment today. But, we can make tiles by recycling it. Emulating Sulabh’s concept, now toilets are being made up of these tiles only


The seminar held in physical laboratory of Delhi was really important in many ways. Here, Indian scientists had gathered to discuss ‘rural housing’ and subjects related to it.  Many eco-friendly options were also discussed. The chief guest of program was founder of Sulabh Sanitation Mission, Dr Bindeshwar Pathak. Work done by Dr Pathak in the field of santitation and cleanliness was appreciated and scientists came up with new techniques for making toilets and exhibited their willingness to help Sulabh. People now are aware about the need of toilet, thanks to initiative of Dr Pathak. Various modes of construction were demonstrated in this seminar. Researchers hard work and far-sightedness was clearly on display.

All the options of constructing a house, whether it is made up of bamboos and woods or constructed by recycled waste were discussed here. In this, discussion and conversation lots of thoughts emerged and opinions were emerged. The opinions and projections of researchers and scientist were based on their research was done at ground level. Before making their opinion they studied different villages, lifestyles, problems related to cities, and the deep studies of their solution which resulted in their projection and opinions.

Tiles of recycled plastics

The main attraction of the seminar was the tiles made up of recycled plastic. They had also on display a dummy toilet made up of recycled tiles. Such creative thinking is bound to solve the problem of not only toilet buiilding but also that of managing plastic waste which is turning the cities in to garbage dumps.  With the speed at which garbage is piling up, it won’t be easy to manage it in the near future. In this situation, making tiles out of this recycled plastic is definitely going to be a creative step and herald the dawn of a new era.

Plastic Waste is a Big Issue

Waste problem is a serious issue now. Between the degradable and non-degradable waste, plastic is the root problem of all. The issue to ponder over is, whether plastic a problem or a human behavior? To seek an answer to this issue,  many scientists are doing research and coming up with new options. The technique of changing plastic proposed by scientists and students is worth appreciation. In this process, one machine makes small pieces of plastic bags and cups, then it goes to another machine where it is moulded on a certain temperature and then these tiles are prepared.

Plastic is Human Fault

Answering a question, one scientist said, if disposal of plastic is growing into a big problem, it is because of erratic human behavior. In this situation these plastics should be recycled. Plastic has become our need and the situation  is fast becoming volatile. So, definitely it’s the human behavior which is responsible for such explosive situation and not the plastic.

Sulabh and Science  

Environment and cleanliness are two major issues. For the regular development of society and coming generation it is very important for both the issues to be taken care of properly.  Scientists are innovating eco friendly ways and their contribution in this field is incredible. It  is heartening to know that these scientists are appreciating the work of Sulabh and want to get associated with its work. Because of Dr Pathak’s laudable work in this field, our countrymen are at ease while discussing such issues. In the absence of discussion it was becoming a social as well as technical problem. Today with the efforts made by Sulabh, these problems have been discussed and resolved too.

Indian concept

There is no doubt that development based on Indian concepts can only give us a healthy environment. Our scientists are working to promote these concepts. In this program, many researchers have projected eco-friendly construction techniques. Like constructing houses with  bamboo sticks, numerous recycling techniques are promising a golden future for the country.

Limited use of Resources

The seminar also discussed that over-use of resources is a problem. Increasing urbanization and population explosion are also serious issues. If limited natural resources are getting exploited then the problem is going to aggravate.