sulabh swatchh bharat

Tuesday, 25-September-2018


Dr Pathak and Dr Lari Azad were honoured with the Karamveer Award

The inauguration of poetry book ‘Karamveer’ and Karamveer Sammelan Samaroh were organized at Dr BP Pal Auditorium Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, by the Nagrik Swablamban and Swabhiman Vikas Parishad. Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder of the Sulabh Sanitation and Social Reform Movement and Dr Lari Azad, founder of All India Poets Conference, was honoured with Karamveer Award in this function. 
The award consisted of a cheque of Rs. 1 lakhs, angavastra, coconut, citation and a memento. The other guests present on the stage and in the auditorium too were honoured with a memento. Along with this, Dr Hari Vilas Chaudhary Shakti Bodh’s poetry book ‘Karamveer’ was launched by Dr Pathak and Dr Lari Azad. Prof Ram Badan Singh, Chancellor, Central Agricultural University Imphal, Dr Hiranand Pandey, Director of Agriculture Kasturba Gandhi Trust Indore, Dr Ramlakhan Mishra former Coordinator, All India Flower Science Project and Dr Shakti Bodh, Chairman, Nagrik Swablamban and Swabhiman Vikas Parishad were present on the occasion.

Sulabh Dham is torch bearer of cleanliness - Dr Shakti Bodh
Dr Shakti Bodh said that today they are among multi-faceted people. They have come from different regions of the country, whose inspiration was Dr Bindeshwar Pathak. We welcome and congratulate him. Dr Bindeshwar Pathak’s desire for human service and the well being of others had given birth to Sulabh campaign, through which the countless people of the society have got the opportunity to live equally. The condemned women of Tonk have been released from their heinous-hateful jobs. Not only that, Dr Pathak has respectably rehabilitated to the neglected widows of Kashi-Vrindavan. Dr Pathak has honoured the ancient spiritual ideology of India through modern humanism. Dr Shakti Bodh said that just as Adi Shankaracharya established four Dham: Badrinath Dham, Dwarkadhish Dham, Rameshwaram Dham and Jagannath Puri Dham in the country, for the spiritual awakening of the people, in the same way, Dr Pathak has established the Sulabh Dham in Delhi, India. This abode of cleanliness & hygiene ‘Sulabh’ is a house of God. Along with this, it is a torchbearer of cleanliness & hygiene, which has spread the message of cleanliness around the world. Dr Pathak, foremost flag bearer of hygiene, put in at par with those great figures of India, who have dedicated their lives to the national interest with their multi-faceted talents. At the same time, Dr Lari Azad Sahab has done commendable work for the intellectual upliftment of women. We express gratitude and welcome him for his work. He said that Dr Lari is active in social and cultural activities while engaged in teaching work. In 2000, the global institution AIPC for the upliftment of women was started by him. Along with this Azad has written many books on Indian history, one of which - ‘Religion and Politics in India during the Seventh Century’ is known internationally. Along with this, Dr Azad has been associated with many top-level literary organizations for the enrichment of literature and has been honoured by those institutions. The way in which Swami Vivekananda represented India at the Chicago Parliament of religion in 1892, it is a coincidence that in the same way 100 years later, with the message of Indian culture, Dr Lari Azad emerged as another Vivekananda. Today, on this auspicious day, Nagrik Swablamban and Swabhima Vikas Parishad are feeling proud by honouring these great workers. Along with this, he expressed his gratitude to other guests present on the forum.

Sulabh called as Sulabh Dham is the biggest award - Dr Pathak
It is a matter of great pride and delight for me that Dr Shakti Bodh gave us a historical name along with an award today, which I never thought about. Our Sulabh village is the most beloved and Dr Shakti Bodh has addressed our Sulabh village as a ‘Dham’ in front of the four Dhams of Shankaracharya, for which I am very thankful to him. For me, this is the best honour for Sulabh to be called ‘Sulabh Dham’. 
Dr Pathak devoted prize money of Rs one lakh to the organization’s development works. Dr Pathak said that Goddess Saraswati resides on the tongue of Dr Lari. I enjoy listening to him since I met him. Saraswati resides in very few people. When God created the universe, he did not make it equal but rather diverse. You will see that in this world there is happiness and misery, rich and poor, rivers and mountains, flowers and thorns. God has made all kinds of things. The universe has been created by conspiracies and we have to work between these conspiracies. He said that in the society, the mother and sister should get the utmost honour. I agree with Dr Lari on this. It is difficult to change the society, so I found it advisable to work with society to bring changes. We are followers of Gandhi but we follow him wisely. I left Gandhi’s food and clothing but followed his principals. Any person who knows how to help others is Gandhian. He said that all the people present in the forum and the auditorium have their own contribution. Dr Ram Badan arranged for food and things after the lunch I have arranged. It is important to solve the problems of society. Most people discuss the problems but don’t try to find the solution by saying that the government will solve it, but I have solved the social problems by myself. It takes patience to change society. Society cannot be changed by arrogance, anger. Dr Pathak said that when you help others, God Himself helps you.

Patriarchal society ignored women power- Dr Lari Azad
Dr Lari said in his speech that I am feeling small today because today I am sitting with those who have influenced me to move on this path forward. The council made me sit next to them today and blessed me. I am feeling proud of this because we have not seen Gandhi. Gandhi’s thoughts are in our veins, but we have seen Dr Pathak as Gandhi. He is Gandhi for us. My place is not next to Dr Pathak but in his feet. Simultaneously, he thanked Dr Shakti Bodh for the Karamveer Award and dedicated the amount of one lakh given as a reward to the Nagrik Swavlamban and Swabhiman Vikas Parishad for their next work. He said that I am grateful to the Council and Shakti Bodh ji for the respect I have received today. Dr Lari said that Gandhi, Kabir and Buddha never received any award or prize. They did their duty, just like we are doing our duty. I am not working for any award or honour, but it is my duty towards my country and society.He said that men like us have denied powers to women. We recognized Meera as a poetess but forgotten Vidyotama, though she played a vital role in making Kalidasa a Sanskrit scholar. Men like us never gave chance to the women power to move forward. Foreigners have always conspired against us taking the credit of the findings done by us while rejecting us completely. About 18 years ago, when I told Dr Pathak about the setting up All India Poetess Conference, he wrote me a letter stating that this is a great thought and I am with you. Then I got encouragement to pursue this work and established AIPC. Under this, women are given an opportunity to refine their talents. In the end, he said addressing everyone that the coming generation will feel proud that we all have seen Dr Pathak and have heard him. He said that whenever the name of social reformers will be written in the history of India, Dr Pathak’s name will be the first.

Karamveer awardees are the inspiration for the world- Prof Ram Badan Singh
At the end of the ceremony, Padma Vibhushan Prof Ram Badan Singh, Chancellor, Central Agricultural University, Imphal in his presidential address said that I express gratitude to the Nagrik Swablamban and Swabhiman Vikas Parishad and Dr Shakti Bodh that they have given us the opportunity to come to this Karamveer Samman Samaroh. With this, he said that India has been leading in the whole world due to its cultural values and humanity. This inspiration leads to holistic development in public opinion. Like Bahujan Samaj, Bahujan Sukhaya - Bahujan Hitiya, Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas, we spread this in today’s language, this is our heritage. Fortunately, the two Karamveers are present. You are the inspiration of India. We wish you all to continue the development and take India to the new level of development with your hard work. I am thankful to you for giving me the privilege of sitting next to Dr Pathak today. Your social work and entrepreneurial spirit are famous all over the world. Your Sulabh Hygiene and Social Reform Movement gave direction to millions of people. By changing the mindset of the people you have taken India’s development forward for that I am thankful to you. Along with this, I congratulate Dr Lari for his work, done in the fields of women development in the world. You have also inspired the country as well as the whole world to think and improve in the field of women’s development.