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Monday, 22-October-2018

Spilled Juice, Built Mopping Robot To Clean It

Arman is the youngest of innovators, set to attend the Maker Mela with his robot cleaner

Arman Gupta is no ordinary standard fifth student. He is, unlike boys of his age, not a mess creator. Rather he believes in cleaning up his own mess. And this is what inspired the creation of a remote-controlled cleaning machine. It was an ordinary day at the Gupta residence and just like any other day, Arman was gulping down his glass of juice. But accidently he spilt some on the floor. Normal mistake any little kid, or even adults, can make. And as established earlier, being a cleanliness aware kid at his age, Arman decided to clean this himself, too. This was when this young and very innovative brain decided to build a robot that cleans and mops on command. The cleaning and mopping machine which Arman has devised dries the surface simultaneously. It has detachable sponges for its maintenance. The device can clean the surface and dry it as well. Arman will now showcase his invention at the Maker Mela, which is an event organised by Somaiya Vidyavihar and RiiDL. Scheduled to be held from January 11-13, the event is an all-ages showcase for invention, creativity and resourcefulness. Innovators attending the Maker Mela range from tech enthusiasts to crafters, educators, tinkerers, engineers, artists, science clubs, students, and even commercial exhibitors. And little Arman is the youngest of the lot. How inspiring!