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Monday, 21-January-2019


Kamala Giri’s husband, children abandoned her, so she headed Vrindavan

She is not a widow, but she is leading a life of one, happily. This is the story of Tripura’s Kamala Giri. Her life is miles apart yet similar with her fellow in-mates in Sharda Ashram.
Tripura’s Kamala Giri was married at a young age, as was the general trend back in those days, and eventually had two children – a girl and a boy. But her life changed course when the husband left to marry another woman. Kamala was taken aback. Clueless about any such development, her husband’s decision came as a setback to Kamala’s life. She kept wondering, and sometimes still does, that what was it that went wrong, was it her fault, was it destined to be and if yes, then why her only?

Husband abandoned her & children
Kamala’s husband was a farmer who on drawing curtains to all his relations with Kamala and their two children left nothing behind for the three to survive, not even for the sustenance of the girl and the boy. He instead transferred all his properties in the name of his new wife.
Kamala tells she tried convincing him to return to their family, even asked him to consider their children’s future, but nothing moved him. He was not ready to bend, so finally Kamal had to give up on the hope of having a complete family ever again.
To tackle the economic crisis, and to ensure her children are well fed and raised, Kamala started working as domestic help in various houses. She ran from post to pillar to make the ends meet, never compromised on the needs of two children and finally married them off thinking she has finally performed all her duties and that it is the son and the daughter’s turn to do their bit for the old mother. But this is where Kamala was wrong.

Children did the unspeakable
Her children got busy with their married lives. The daughter was happily living in a well-off family and the thought of ‘how her mother is’ was probably the last thing on her mind. As for the son, he somehow had this make believe idea that it was Kamala’s fault that his father left off without leaving any property for him – the ‘rightful heir’.
Her son and daughter-in-law would often beat her because of their day-to-day frustrations. To add to the pain, even her grandchildren would beat her up and never speak to her with any amount of respect. While recalling the horrifying days, Kamala said that her son and his wife would have their merry meals together and none would bother to even ask her, let alone cook for her. Even on falling ill, there was nobody to ask of her condition and help with medication.
Kamala had imagined herself living with her son and his family whilst loving and taking care of the grandchildren. But things never unravel the way one plans it – at least it never did for Kamala. The hatred and the neglect broke her down.

Cousin showed the way to Vrindavan
In the midst of all these, one fine day to Kamala’s relief, her cousin visited her from Vrindavan. On seeing Kamala’s condition, she suggested her to accompany her back to Vrindavan and leave this life of misery behind. Kamal had enough and so she took her sister’s advice and said goodbye to the bruises that the life had to offer her at her son’s place.
On first coming to Vrindavan, Kamala started performing ‘bhajans’ (devotional songs) at Lord Krishna and Radha Rani’s temples. In return she was offered ‘prasad’ which was enough to fill both her stomach and soul.

Will return to son if possible
“I find peace in Vrindavan. Life is much better here. This is why I never returned to my homeland – not that my son or daughter ever called me back,” said Kamala in a low tone.
“I don’t have any grudges. It is good to have a life where you’re not treated like dirt. But yes, I have no grudges. My son and daughter are young, are tangled in the new responsibilities of new phase of life, they are naive. They may have done the unspeakable but I have forgiven them,” she added.
On being asked if given a chance to return to her homeland, to her son, would she consider the choice, “Yes, of course. Why not? After all that is my homeland and this is my son we’re talking about. 
Children commit mistakes but that doesn’t mean parents stop loving them. I have a soft corner for them, and for that I would travel miles back home to live the life I had imagined,” replied Kamala with a weak smile.