sulabh swatchh bharat

Friday, 20-July-2018


The southern municipal corporation, which has stolen a march over the other two financially, is now setting out to create seven wonder parks of tranquility

The capital city of India, Delhi, is struggling to establish the role of the municipal corporation as an important civic unit once again, by bringing it into the headlines. The corporation will come into the headlines because it has started preparations to build seven unique parks in Delhi, just like the seven wonders of the world. Close to Nizamuddin’s Millennium Park is the vacant land which is being considered for use by the corporation. Work has started here to build one of the seven wonderful parks planned for the city. According to the corporation, very soon the people of the capital will get the ‘seven wonders’ like those enjoyed by the residents of Rajasthan and Pune.  The fragrance of the park will not be confined just to flowers. The paths will be such that you feel as if you are walking in some different world. In the year 2012 when the integrated municipal corporation of Delhi was divided into three parts, nobody had imagined that the southern corporation would pip the North and East to the post and would be successful in enhancing its financial resources. It has not only been successful in setting up an important civic unit, but has forced the other units to try and copy its example. 
Despite the allegations and counter-accusations and all the ups and downs between the Northern and Eastern units, the Southern Municipal Corporation has been taking several important decisions to bring relief to the residents of this city. It will be said that the Southern corporation has forced the Delhi government to do this by producing 24 MW electricity from garbage. Not only this, it has made the five star hotels in the area and the restaurants to open the toilets facilities for the elderly, women and children. They will now be able to use free toilet and bathroom facilities when needed.  Another help now available not only for the people of the area but others too, is that recently the corporation has decided to install Water ATMs to ensure the availability of clean drinking water for the passers-by. The Southern corporation has started working towards establishing these ATM kiosks in nearly a hundred points. This water ATM will be fitted with high tech tools. Similarly, like the comfort of the ‘chaupals’ enjoyed by the people of the villages, ‘chaupals’ will be constructed here too so that the elderly can spend their time sitting and sharing their views on politics and social matters. 
To make sure that citizens do not face any difficulty in civic matters all departments were made to do suitable work with immediate effect. The result of curbing the government babu culture and red-tapeism is that while the other two corporations of Delhi could not pay even the salaries to the sanitation workers and created a hue and cry about economic and financial matters for the entire five years, the Southern corporation made many achievements. In the other two corporations the elderly, the widows and the handicapped were not able to get pensions. 

Milestone Coming
The latest venture is going to be a milestone in the history of Southern Corporation. The engineering department of the corporation is working day and night to make the seven ‘wonder parks’ with total focus and resources. 
Dr. Alok Kumar, Director of the Park Department of the corporation says that when the desire to do a job is made in the mind and the resources are not a problem, then no one can stop it from the completion. This is the reason why the Millennium Park located near the Serai Kale Khan, which is also known by the name of Kargil Memorial Park, is being developed by the corporation as seven wonder parks. It is a gift for Delhi people. Given the concept and the finest workmanship, the parks will function perfectly and will be like the seven wonders. These parks will be developed and marked in such a way that nobody will be able to identify whether they are all together or not. For this, the Corporation has started preparing the DPR (Detail Project Report) in consultation with experts from the concerned department and after preparing the CPR (Concept Project Report) after thorough discussions on it, the work will go ahead. 
If too many formalities and disruptions do not come in the way, the people of Delhi would soon get a chance to see something big. Those who want to enjoy themselves or want to take some time away from their busy routine, will find enough greenery and peace. This is one such thing which the people of Delhi could not even imagine a few years ago. This is true because the government of Delhi Government’s ‘Garden of Five Sense’ in Saketadullah Village, Delhi Development Authority’s Biodiversity Park, Vasant Kunj and Wajirabad’s Sanjay Lake, Shahdara Lake and Boat Clubs, have added to Delhi’s attraction. In this regard, Dr KB Asthana, Director, Kasturiram College of Higher Education, affiliated to Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, says that the municipal corporation wants to reclaim that lost reputation. The history of the corporation in Delhi goes back to the time before independence. 
The times changed and the corporation lost its direction  and erased its history. The corporation’s division into three sections was a part of this process. But the circumstances are changing. Just as in the last five years the Southern corporation has adopted several schemes one after another and has proved itself. This shows that there is still a longing to do something. It is not impossible that the corporation will succeed in attracting tourists by making parks like the Seven Wonders. 
Rajesh Gehlot, who has been the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and Chairman of the most important Standing Committees of the Delhi Municipal Corporation, says that first of all, he had helped in getting success for the Southern corporation by letting it stand independently. In the first year after the division, he had the distinction of becoming president of the Standing Committee. Then he was able to convey the opinion that the corporation should be restored so that the people of Delhi are not made to face any kind of difficulty. Gehlot says that the five-star community centres of Southern Corporation are as good as the big hotels which people use for wedding and pay much less money. Likewise, the schools, hospitals, parking arrangements and streets are not far behind in enhancing the beauty of the capital.