sulabh swatchh bharat

Friday, 22-March-2019


To accelerate Narendra Modi’s Swacchata drive and to change the thinking of the people towards cleaning personnel, Satna Municipal Corporation has launched a new scheme

From cleaning the environment to sewers, drains, the streets and alleys cleaning personnel were so far looked down upon but not anymore. Satna Nagar Nigam has given them a special status by recognizing them as ‘Superman’. To accelerate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swacchhata drive and to change the thinking of the people towards cleaning personnel, Municipal Corporation has launched a new scheme ‘Selfie With Superman’. According to this scheme, the elite class people have to take a selfie with the cleaning personnel and upload it to social media. The objective was that not only it will change people’s mentality towards cleaning workers but a realisation will also arise for the cleanliness in the city dwellers. As soon as the municipal corporation started the campaign, people of different sections of the society started taking a selfie with the cleaning personnel with full enthusiasm. These were the same people who earlier didn’t even like standing next to them. This campaign also gave the opportunity to understand the importance of cleaning workers in the construction of a clean city and a clean environment. Satna Municipal Mayor Mamta Pandey and Commissioner Pratibha Pal insist on the importance of Selfie with Superman and that how the cleaning workers are no lesser than any Superman because they do the work which common people avoid doing. They are an important link in Swachhata Drive.

Innovation in Modi Mantra for Cleanliness 
After becoming the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi emphasised the most on cleanliness. He said on many occasions that only a clean society can run on the path of development. Not only did he accept the dedication of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, but he made a new revolution in cleanliness across the country by appealing to bring it into practice, by which city like Satna is also not left untouched. On October 2, 2014, the appeal for cleanliness to the nation by the Prime Minister was taken seriously by the Mayor of the Municipal Corporation, Mamta Pandey, and  Commissioner Pratibha Pal. Many new innovations made the city clean, which also became an example for the surrounding districts. Selfie with Superman was one such example. The municipal corporation launched many campaigns like ‘Aap Smajhaye Hum Sanvaare’, ‘Coffee With Superman’ to inspire the residents to create a clean environment. 

Roses In Response To Litter
Dealing with the debris spread by hotels and various business establishments in Satna, famous as Vindhya Industrial City, was a major challenge. Many business organisations started to protest when the municipal planned to take penalties on such establishments. In such a situation, the commissioner Pratibha Pal made a unique plan under which, the shopkeepers, who throw litter in front of their shops and can’t keep a dustbin for it, were given roses by the people. As an embarrassment, the shopkeepers have not only stopped throwing litters but also kept a dustbin in front of their shops. The work which was not accomplished by the notice of fine was done by a simple rose. In this regard, Pratibha Pal said that the proceedings of the fines were not the goal of the cleanliness drive but the motive was that people should start keeping their environment clean. 

Gaadi Wala Aaya Ghar Se Kachra Nikal
To give the cleanliness message, these days early morning on the street of Satna a garbage van comes with a song playing ‘Gaadi wala aaya ghar se kachra nikal’. This song is being played in that garbage van which goes from door-to-door at morning to collect the garbage. The city is divided into eight zones; by using vehicles such as 30 Magic Vehicles, 4 Dumpers, 6 Tractors, 2 Compactors, the Municipal Corporation collects 100 tons of garbage every day from door to door. 252 Regular and 465 master cleaning workers sweat their blood every day to free the city from garbage.

Hi-tech Sulabh Toilets Changed The City’s Outlook
Satna city is known for the industries but the unavailability of public toilets had turned the city into a pile of garbage. In such a scenario, Modi’s magic mantra of cleanliness gave a new look to the city. The city has built 20 high-tech Sulabh toilets. 
The specialty of these toilets is that the administrative staff gets into action after pressing a red button if in need to clean the place. Sulabh toilets have been connected to GPS system so that any person can complain of garbage by pressing a red button on the toilet.

Electricity From Pile Of Garbage
Administration Department is going to use garbage to generate electricity. For this, garbage from 28 places of Satna, Rewa and Sidhi districts is collected and taken to Raipur district of Rewa where the dumping point of waste has been built. 
“Seeing Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking the initiative under the cleanliness drive, I felt that it is our responsibility to clean the city as a public representative. Inspired by Modi’s step, we started spreading a message of cleanliness through various programs among the people of the city. The result is in front of you all. Earlier, Satna was known as the most polluted city but the situation is completely opposite now,” said Mamta Pandey.
“Earlier, we tried to embody the cleanliness mission through rules and action but realised that the mission is incomplete without public participation and awareness. In this way, many public awareness programs were organized and the people were made ready to clean the city”, said Pratibha Pal.