sulabh swatchh bharat

Tuesday, 18-June-2019


E-Toilets are fully unmanned and perform automated operations. Pressure nozzles have also been attached to these toilets to make flushing easier

Indian Railways installs e-toilets in train coaches. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the national transporter has installed e-toilets in train coaches on the occasion of the World Toilet Day. To ensure hygiene, e-toilets integrate toilet functions electronically, resulting in a simple to operate pressurized flushing. The e-toilets also incorporate several additional functions/system integrations and sensors. For quite some time, e-toilets have been in use in static locations, however, the concept has been tried for the first time in a mobile environment of a railway coach by LTT Depot, Mumbai Division, Central Railways. At present, coach 3A of train number 11013 (LTT Coimbatore) is being monitored for the performance of e-toilet. Wondering how e-toilets function and what makes them different from the existing toilets in train coaches? 
Here are the highlights:
• The toilet pan gets automatically flushed on sensing of the opening of the toilet door, giving a clean hygienic toilet for each use.
• Just by pushing a button, an electronically-operated valve ensures easy flushing. Moreover, pressure nozzles integrated with the toilet pans ensures pressurized flushing.
• All round flushing is ensured by custom designed Indian pan with integrated, adequately sloped floor.
• The floor is automatically flushed clean after five usages.
• Another major characteristic is concealed piping with reduced joints to ensure an increased flow of pressure.
• The interiors have been done using plastic recycled crib sheets, which are made after hot pressing, empty tetra packs and a shredded plastic waste of empty toothpaste/cosmetic tubes.
• The e-toilets also have improved ventilation system through Venturi Design Window.
• They are also compatible with existing Bio-Toilets.
In collaboration with Eram Scientific, Kerala, Indian Railways developed e-toilets as retrofittable design to address most toilet issues in railway coaches. The initiative is another step by the national transporter to address toilet cleaning issues in train coaches.