sulabh swatchh bharat

Monday, 21-January-2019


Two-day national seminar being organised to discuss Action Sociology and its impact on society

In the backdrop of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Mission, a Chair devoted to the study of sociology of sanitation has been set up at a university in Bihar. The Bharti-Mandan Chair for Sociology of Sanitation was set up at the LN Mishra Mithila University for encouraging research and higher studies on the topic, Sulabh International founder Bindeshwar Pathak said.
Two-day National Seminar on “Women Empowerment” organised at LN Mithila University, Darbhanga in collaboration with Department of Sociology and Maharaja Dhiraj Kameshwar Singh Memorial was held from May 29-30, 2018.
The inaugural of the seminar was blessed by the august presence of Dr Bindeshwar Pathak. The other dignitaries were Prof. Ashok Kaul, Varanasi, Prof Chandrashekhar Singh, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Prof. BK Lal, Suresh Kumar Poorve, Prof. Devnath Pathak, Dr Anil Kumar Singh, Prof. Virendra Kumar, Prof Jay Gopal, Pro Vice-Chancellor, LN Mithila University, Prof. Binod Kumar Choudhary and the presence of Eminent sociologists, academics, students from different academia and faculty and members of the university.
Speaking at the inaugural session of a two-day seminar on women’s empowerment, Dr Pathak said that the Chair has been named after eighth-century scholar Mandan Mishra and his learned wife Bharti, whose debates with Adi Sankara mark a glorious chapter in the intellectual history of Mithila. A trained sociologist himself, Dr Pathak exhorted experts in the field to devote themselves to the study of the impact of sanitation in a society and also announced an initial grant of Rs 20 lakh for the Chair.
Around hundred sociologists from different parts of the country including Neel Ratan, B K Nagla and A K Pandey of Benaras Hindu University (BHU) participated in the seminar.
Speaking at the function, local BJP MLA Sanjay Saraogi also lauded the announcement of a chair on sociology of sanitation made by Pathak. 
Known for its pioneering work in human waste management and eradication of manual scavenging, Sulabh International, a non governmental body, has been involved in a number of initiatives under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, including ensuring cleanliness at the renowned Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi which is the Prime Ministers parliamentary constituency. Pathak has also been named the brand ambassador for Swachh Rail Mission as part of which many important railway stations across the country are being given a facelift.
 Dr Pathak has narrated as to how he went on to change the society by following Gandhi’s ideals of non-violence which eventually led into bringing a vast transformation in the lives of the untouchables, helped them to perform the rites, rituals of the Brahmins and upper caste, helped them to go to temples, to go to Varanasi, famous sacred place of Hindus, took a dip in the river Ganges, worshiped Lord Shiva and have food with Brahmin families which had never happened before in this country.
Dr Pathak also made a mention of his existing actions initiated by him to promote social security and rehabilitation of Widows of Vrindavan and Varanasi and the steps taken thereof to challenge the social norms that ostracized the widows and even condemned them to lead a life of destitution. The life of these women has been totally changed now and they have been freed from a life of misery and seclusion.
While speaking at the seminar recalling the contribution of ancient Sanskrit scholars of Mithila Mandan Mishra and Bharti ,Dr Pathak announced setting up of “Bharti-Mandan Chair Of Sociology of Sanitation “ at LN Mithila University for the intensive research in the field of Sociology of Sanitation.

Dr Pathak Honoured In Darbanga
On Tuesday 29 March, a dozen members of the Baisi Mehtar Samaj Institute, in an auditorium near the Municipal Corporation, honored Dr Pathak with traditional ‘Mithali Paag’, garland, Shawal and Mithila painting. He was heartily congratulated on the behalf of ward no 21 whose members also visited the Sulabh organisation during their visit to Ziyarat and pilgrimage journey.  
Members of Roti Bank, Blood Donor team, Pond cleaning Vivekananda Yuva Sansthan, members of the cremation team of the unclaimed dead bodies were present on the occasion.
Usha Chaumar, a liberated scavenging woman, now designated as Honorary President of Sulabh International, shared her story where she mentioned that she had the honour of working with Sulabh International in a close proximity with its Founder, Dr Bindeshwar Pathak who took a great step in liberating women like her from the demeaning task of scavenging and helped them out to lead a life that is full of dignity. Speaking on this occasion Dr Vinod Chaudhary said that Dr Bindeshwar Pathak is not a person but an institution in itself, who give inspiration to people.