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Thursday, 13-December-2018


The official brand ambassador for Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is leaving no stone unturned to clean up the Aarey colony

“We are trying to get permissions to build toilets if they have space for these,” says Salman Khan. The Bollywood action hero has rebuilt more than 3,000 toilets in the Aarey colony, Mumbai. Last year, the actor was appointed as the brand ambassador for the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) campaign; that aims to remove the problems of open defecation in the city. 
Salman Khan had earlier donated five mobile toilets with six seats each to the BMC and had urged the colony people to stop defecating in the open. During his second visit to the colony, Khan promised to build more toilets and repair the existing ones. “For the rest of the houses, we will try to get permissions to build toilets if they have space for it. It feels good to do something for the cause but this is just the beginning. I think there are more than 3,000 houses here and six to eight people live in each of these houses. Also, some of these houses had toilets. We just rebuilt them and gave them water connections.” 
This initiative has been taken in collaboration with the BMC that had listed 118 locations across the Mumbai city where people still practice the open dedication system. Although, almost 97 of these areas are now open defecation free but still there remains a huge lacunae since 21 more areas still lack proper toilets. Earlier, BMC had declared 12 out of Mumbai’s 24 wards ODF and chalked out an action plan for other wards.