sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 13-December-2018


Painter Prince makes sign boards, but he cannot see the pain and sorrow of birds, so he has made the country’s first bird ambulance

Everyone loves birds, but hardly anyone worries about their health. But this was the reason why Prince, who makes sign boards in Chandigarh, finally decided to make the country’s first bird ambulance. Prince looks for injured birds everywhere and then cures them in his bird ambulance. His Bird Ambulance is a kind of e-bike. Earlier, for many years, he had used the cycle as a bird ambulance to take care of the injured birds. When this campaign came to be noticed by the world, a bank tried to donate a van for his work. When Prince, concerned by the pollution caused by petrol fumes declined the offer, he was presented with a bike. Since then, Prince has got the e-bike fitted with an ambulance to rescue birds. Prince says that nature has given the birds the ability to take care of themselves. If these winged creatures are in danger from anyone, they are none other but human beings. Most birds are killed due to the mistakes of people. Pawan even ensures that birds find dignity even in death. He has already cremated 550 birds and has saved the lives of many injured ones. In the summer, he offers water bowls to people so that they can keep them on the roofs of the houses for the birds to get water to drink. Prince is receiving awards for his unique campaign now. His name has also appeared in the Limca Book of Records.