sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 19-December-2018


A smart dustbin run by SIM card has been made by a B Tech student from Ghaziabad

There are several types of campaigns going on across the country with relation to ‘Swatcch Bharat,’ and some exciting innovations are being witnessed. A smart-dustbin made by Pawan Kumar, a BTech student from Ghaziabad of UP, is causing great interest in this connection. Recently, Pawan showed this dustbin to BJP MP and Delhi state party president Manoj Tiwari, who liked it very much. He has promised to tell Prime Minister Narendra Modi about this invention soon. Pawan has been asked to keep all the preparations ready for this. Pawan is now doing B.Tech with computer science. In the first year of his studies, tech savvy Pawan has prepared a Smart Dustbin. For this dustbin he spent only Rs. 8,000; the college director Dr Prem Aggarwal helped him with Rs. 5,100. This dustbin has a GSM panel with two sensors, diodes, and microcontrollers in which a mobile SIM can be installed. The number of this SIM will be the identity of the dustbin. Each trash can be attached to 2 mobile numbers. Pawan has set a command through IC programming which will send messages to both the attached numbers as soon as the filling of trash is done. Till the trash is emptied, the bin will continue to send messages every 30 seconds. This technique can work in plastic or metal, any dustbin. According to Pawan, only 15-20 volt power is needed to run the smart dustbin for which a solar plate can be installed on the trash bin itself. There will be no separate electricity costs.