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Tuesday, 18-June-2019


Elected at the age of 18 (the youngest age possible), Amal Pushp is arguably India’s next science prodigy

India may have found its next international science prodigy – Amal Pushp, an 18-year-old “independent researcher” from Patna with a passion for physics and cosmology studying in Delhi Public School.
Britain’s world-famous Royal Astronomical Society selected the Patna boy as a Fellow after he earned a nomination from Lord Martin Rees, a top British astronomer and Emeritus Professor at the University of Cambridge, who was amazed by the boy’s “scientific output”.
“I was fascinated with the astronomical phenomenon, such as solar systems and eclipses and developed an interest in the field since childhood,” said Amal. 
Amal’s journey to fame in the international scientific community began with a paper on black holes he had sent to famous Indian physicist Partha Ghose, an erstwhile professor at the SN Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata. He found the paper “interesting” and gave his endorsement.
“It was you who was impressed with my research at first and believed in me without knowing me personally and even gave me [an] endorsement, which I will never forget in my life,” wrote Amal, in an email to Ghose. Responding to this recent development, Ghose told that he had endorsed Amal for the fellowship because of its content, calling him a “special talent”.