sulabh swatchh bharat

Saturday, 16-February-2019


Speaking on the occasion of the Guru Purnima, he emphasises the need to get knowledge of self

Asmaadaachaarya paryantaam vande guru paramparaam. The shaastra says that when the Primordial Person is Narayana, the First Person is the Lord of the Gods, Mahadev,  so this tradition, asmaad aachaarya paryantaam vande guru paramparaam, we bow before that tradition, which is home to the idea of the guru, which is the inspiration, with whose blessings, and with whose kindness, evil teachings turn into good teachings. And that which we experience as impossible, unreachable, elusive, difficult to attain becomes easier. The possibilities around us which remain invisible and we do not recognise them, that which we never imagined as possible, which is full of goodness, purity, potential, greatness, knowledge, strength, humility, extraordinary divine ability, of which we are the natural claimants, all that ability, eligibility, brilliance we gain them all. All these potentialities are around us but we never perceive them. And human life is filled with infinite possibilities. Here there are many opportunities, and all opportunities become manifest, all possibilities become visible, sense of respect for self dawns. And then the sense of helplessness, agony, sense of smallness, or a sense of lack due to ignorance vanishes in a moment the way miseries of a dream vanish when the eyes open and we awaken. ‘Ugharahi vimal vilochan hi ke, mit hi dosh dukh bhanwar jani ke’, so good men say. That eyes of the mind open, then the language changes, thinking changes, sense of direction changes, and our whole life changes. This is not mere change, but it is a total transformation. What is in us becomes manifest. When we experience this, then there is place for pathos. We do not know where despair and disappointment vanish. And there is no fear or doubt. The onslaught of endless dilemmas, and the perplexity that arises from them, and the perpetual distress it causes just disappear.  All this happens when our inner eye opens and there is a life-changing event.
This is a big transformative process, though it does not appear as such. But do it once. This is a great achievement. Attain it once. Understand one’s self, know one’s self. Awaken the sense of self, experience the individuality of one’s existence. This is why, it has been said time and again in the Upanishads, ‘praapya varaannibodhatta’ that is once you understand. That is why it said, arise, awake. ‘utthishta, jaagrata, praapya varaannbodhatta’. On the face of it, it does not look like a big challenge or a great goal. Or that it has to be done before anything else. But this is the first exercise. It is necessary for one to understand the power of our thoughts because when you change your thinking, the world changes. Even as the individual and the aspirant face each other, the good resolve awakens, and that itself changes the direction. And there takes place inside us a total conversion. Sometimes through good fortune we get an atmosphere and we become a part of it, where our good resolve begins to take life and that atmosphere is the spiritual atmosphere. So, when somewhere unwittingly we become part of a spiritual atmosphere and we get to experience its presence, and this spiritual atmosphere is available to us for a long time, then the good resolution in us gets awakened.
This festival of guru puja, or worship of the teacher, is a festival of honouring tradition – asmaad aachaarya paryantaam. It is not considered just a body. In the ranks of the gods, mother is considered a guru because we learn our earliest behaviour to the knowledge of goals to be pursued, the knowledge of food and writing and reading, and taught us the knowledge of relationships. That is why, mother is the first teacher. Then father is considered the second teacher. 
It has been said that the first thing that a human being should seek is knowledge. One must answer the question, ‘Who am I?’ Get an answer to this puzzle. Through the medium of knowledge, a human being should be in search of his or her identity, understand one’s existence and power, to reach a blessed goal and to overcome a sense of insecurity. It is necessary for a human being to understand what he or she is beyond body, colour, class and form.
Human beings are always haunted by a sense of insecurity. It is so because what they take to be true turns out to be ephemeral. That is why, first acquire knowledge, and then wealth. And after wealth, one should acquire merit. 
Everybody sitting here knows that the big nations spend a large part of their wealth on security. A big portion of the total wealth is being spent on policies for waging war. What should be spent on human welfare is being spent on wars. This is happening because of lack of knowledge, there is fear among people, and there is battle for domination. When knowledge arises, arms fade away, and fear departs.
If I were to tell you about the idea of Ram Rajya, I have to tell you that there is no punishment in Ram Rajya. There were no ploys. They were confined to the curtains of a play on stage. Governance runs on reasoning, inducements, punishment and ploy.  In Ram Rajya there was no place for punishment and ploy. Ram Rajya was run on the basis of law and wealth. The day you have knowledge, you will understand the subtle meaning of wealth. 
My view is that as you become spiritual, your wealth becomes a blessing and it is meant for everyone. And it should be spent in helping others. 
Here is a true story. Once a holy man asked a person as to why he was unhappy. He said that that other person is giving out in charity and he is getting more respect. Someone is giving charity, and some other person is unhappy. The meaning of this day, Guru Parva, is to create a philosophical sense which will bring a sense of equanimity, sense of oneness, and a sense of bonding with the world. People who have renounced are our ideal. Our culture is that of renunciation. 
Do not be a reactionary
Nowadays people have become very reactionary. People have found real freedom because of the introduction of social media. Without understanding the subject matter, and the seriousness of it, they write what they like on sensitive topics. It has a bad effect. So do not be a reactionary on the subject which you do not know. Do not go beyond your religion, behaviour and nature.
Cultured response
Remember that we are a seeker. Believe me, I always keep in mind one thing that I am my guru’s follower, I am a seeker. This is not my intention to attract you. Trust me that I do not consider myself saint even today, I am a seeker. I’m still learning. If I consider myself as perfect, then it will be a great loss for me. Even though you have a modern communication system at hand, you have got a platform where you can keep your thoughts, but do not forget that you are a seeker and your reaction should always be compact. Nobody should be harmed by your reaction, nobody should be hurt. Give a cultured response, and keep your words sweet.
Great Lesson
If you want to be beautiful, then I will tell you a way. Keep your thoughts beautiful, you will be beautiful. Because he is not fierce, he is Vibheeshan or gentle. He doesn’t hurt anyone, doesn’t harm anyone. He is very decent, very balanced, because he is spiritual. Guru asked Duryodhana that it does not look good to see you like this, your behavior hurts everyone, why do you not bring yourself on to the right path? Duryodhana says, ‘jaanaami dharman na ch me pravrttih. jaanaami adharman na ch me nivrttih..’ means, ‘Gurudev, it is not that I do not know what is right, I know what is right, but I am not inclined towards it, that means I cannot follow it. Gurudev said that you will be inclined towards what is good if you keep good company. Then everything will be fine. You come to me for satsang- good company - and it will be all alright.
It is not that we do not know, problem is we are just not practicing. Whatever we practice, we practice at a very small level. We believe we are the body, we are our community and clan. We have narrowed down ourselves. We have to open our eyesight. Whatever thing that challenges our generosity, decency, humility etc., sacrifice it and make yourself better.
My House – My Pilgrimage
The social media platform has done another work. We are making contacts with new people, strangers and avoiding our own people and close ones. Keep in mind that if you get true happiness and power from anywhere, then it is your home, your people.  ‘My house - My pilgrimage’ - Make your house Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya, Hardwar. All pilgrimages should be in your house itself. Have time for yourself, stay with your parents. There are many unwanted things in our system, which do not make sense. We have changed our lifestyle and adopted a lifestyle that is taking us in the wrong direction.
 Head towards knowledge
Start writing, compile good ideas. Collect your good thoughts; make a treasure of your thoughts. Thinking will bring freshness. If there is a progenitor of all our sorrows, it is ignorance and indiscretion. On this Guru parv, let us walk towards knowledge because the guru makes everything simple, and  makes everything possible.