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Wednesday, 19-December-2018


Delhi Police has launched a special operation to identify missing children and reunite them with their parents

The history of Delhi Police reveals that whenever there are problems related to the citizens of the country’s capital city, the police do not leave any stone unturned to solve them, and ensure that the difficulties of the people are sorted out at the earliest. For this, they do their utmost to keep the common public safe during night and day. 
The Senior Citizen Cell, Women’s Cell women, Crime Branch for habitual criminals, Crime a branch for financial fraud and cheating, Special Cell for terrorists and similarly half a dozen other branches are formed to check anti social activities. By creating these units and branches, the police try to work for the public and to fulfill their duties towards people. With the same motive, the Delhi Police has launched a new unit in which they have started working on restoring lost children to their parents. 
The name of the operation is   ‘Operation Milap’. This operation has achieved great success in searching and tracing missing children. This campaign has brought hope and brightness on the faces of hundreds of families. The continuously growing numbers of missing children is becoming problematic not only in India but throughout the world. For the solution to this problem, not just the government police but also various voluntary organizations and non government organizations are doing serious work. 
To deal with this problem, the crime branch of Delhi Police has played an important role in uniting lost children with their families. The crime branch focuses on many other related problems faced by such children. The police do not treat this problem as one that is confined to the disappearance of children. Considering factors such as the danger of trafficking of such children, their involvement in juvenile crimes, pushing girls into prostitution and the suffering of the afflicted families, the branch has started this campaign-Operation Milap.  
The success of this operation can be judged from the fact that in the last few months, it has played an important role in restoring more than one hundred and fifty missing children to their families. Inspired by the then Special Police Commissioner of Crime Branch, Taj Hassan, a human trafficking preventive unit of the branch was formed for this humanitarian and commendable work of finding missing children. 
Though Operation Milap was started on December 16, 2014, work done later under the guidance of Joint Commissioner of Police Ravindra Yadav really earned kudos. Citizens have appreciated this meaningful initiative of the police. Under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Gupta, the team of experienced police personnel like ACP Ranvir Singh, Inspector Vipin Kumar Bhatia, SI Ashok Kumar and Mukesh Kumar, Head Constable Rajesh, Krishna and Ramesh have visited Delhi’s missing-children homes from time to time. 
They start this effort by focusing on such lost children who have incomplete addresses, or those whose only face-sketches are available. Apart from finding missing children at railway stations, bus stations, and main highways, they also make inquiries from other places where the missing or abducted children can be seen loitering. 
They can be found living in charitable homes or in religious shelters. The police are trained to be friendly and kind to such wandering children and to win their trust. By obtaining their trust, by getting information of their residence and family, and then by contacting their parents, the duties of the Operation can be accomplished. With the help of the Child Welfare Committee, these children can be reunited with their families. 
The officers of the branch are working not only to carry out their duties by implementing Operation Milap, but are also working towards strengthening the mutual trust and cooperation between the common citizens and the police. The branch also urges the general public through advertisements to help in the efforts to enable the missing children join their families under this campaign. In the advertisements, the public is requested that if a child is in trouble or appears lost, they should inform the police and become a part of this noble campaign. 
In this regard, Delhi Police has deployed two child officers in each place for ensuring the welfare of such children, as well as to create a special juvenile unit. Information about such officers is provided on the website of Special Child Police Branch website, so that the general public can also contact them. 
The Human Trafficking Unit (Anti-Human Trafficking Unit) teamed up with the Salam Child Trust,  Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Jahangirpuri, and Subhiksha Children’s House in Rohini, Sector-16. Many lost children were welcomed back by their families. Not only has the Delhi Police increased the dignity of Delhi Police by this work in Delhi but in other states as well. Under Operation Milap, in the month of June, the Crime Branch team has set up high standards of humanity by reuniting a number of lost children with their families. 
By conducting the identification of the children staying in Children’s Homes, the efforts of the Central Government police, the Subhiksha Children’s House and the Salaam Child Trust have done commendable work. The gravity of this problem can be estimated from the fact that on June 2, 2015, the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, asked to share information of lost and found children and it has started www.khoya paya . com. for this reason. Just recently, Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik gave the Extraordinary Work Award to three policemen who played a key role in tracing 77 missing children. 
On April 11, 2017, police commissioner Patnaik praised the high level of professional skill, zeal and the good work done by Inspector Jain, SI Mann and SI Anuj from the police station of Rohini District. Inspector Jain, Mann and Anuj in the year 2011,2012, 2013, 2014  and 2015, were able to bring back 77 children out of the 82 missing or abducted from the Vijay Vihar area. 
They brought a glow of relief and happiness on the faces of all the victims and their families. In a simple award giving ceremony held at the Police Headquarters, the families of the 77 children who returned back home attended the function.  Beside them, senior police officers and media persons also became a part of this happiness. 
Before this, the Crime Branch and the police have been playing a meaningful and important role in the search for the missing persons during the past several decades.