sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 13-December-2018


South & East Delhi Municipal Corporations are in the final phase of making their wards open defecation free

The National Capital has to wait for yet another month as civic bodies are likely to declare that Open Defecation Free project is in a slow lane. As per norms set by Swachh Bharat Mission, any urban local body can declare it’s wards open defecation free (ODF) only if it succeeds in providing public conveniences to 75 per cent of its residential areas and Toilets should be provisioned within 500 metres of slum settlements. Slow work in slums of South and East Delhi has caused this delay. 
Assuming that these norms would be fulfilled, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation in May made its preliminary resolution public and declared 92 of 104 wards open defecation-free. The agency had invited feedback and objections from residents but none have responded so far. To ensure that there is a holistic implementation of ODF project, areas that belong to other agencies such as Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) and Railways will also be covered since these areas also come under MCD’s administration. A senior official, EDMC said “We asked the agencies to either construct the toilet complexes in slums and jhuggi clusters or provide us land to construct them,”
Independent agencies of South MCD administered wards, during their meetings have pointed out that people living in slums, especially ones living near the railway line, are still defecating in the open. MCD will have to address this red flag in its efforts to provide defecation for all. South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) officials said that they were confident of filling the loopholes in project in a month post which they will share their resolution of “Open Defecation Free” with the state government. As a part of declaration procedure, third party verification is conducted to measure the project implementation on the basis of relevant parameters. 
East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) too, is trying to compensate the slack by setting up a process for ODF implementation for its 64 wards. This is an administrative delay as  there seems to be some vacuum of documents that are required to initiate the work  “We submitted details to the Delhi Government for 40 wards but due to shortage of documents, the sanctioning of ‘ODF’ status was put on hold. We need NOC from school students, RWAs, councillors and residents to confirm there are enough community toilets complexes,” said a senior official, EDMC.