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Wednesday, 24-April-2019


For inventing solution to remove ‘Paan’ stains, eight Indian students win US award

A team of eight girl students of Matunga’s Ramnarain Ruia College won a gold medal at an international competition held in Boston for inventing an eco-friendly and cost-effective method of removing beetle leaf (paan) stains in public places and on structures.
As paan stains defame public spaces, it also becomes an easy breeding ground for H1N1 virus and hosts other harmful contagions.
Competing with around 300 other contestants, the team also won the best integrated human practices special award at the Genetically Engineered Machines 2018 at Boston.
What earlier required gallons of water and huge sums of money has now been reduced to a solution containing enzymes and microbes that convert the ugly red paan stains into “a harmless colourless product”. According to one of the students, Sanika Ambre, the team has planned to use these enzymes in the form of a gel to get rid of the stains.
The product created by the students will receive much less water. The department of biotechnology provided the students with a grant of Rs 10 lakh for participation in the event.
To spread awareness, a social media drive was started by the students with the hashtag #PaanSePareshan, and they plan on continuing with it.