sulabh swatchh bharat

Sunday, 16-December-2018

Meditation is the gateway to the soul

Meditation is your natural state, it’s a way of life

Meditation isn’t some mystical state one needs to achieve in order to be “enlightened” and become “superhuman”. Meditation simply means having a Present Moment- based focus of attention and awareness and less of an Ego/thought based awareness. Meditation isn’t an activity you do at home for a couple minutes a day and repeat it like an exercise, Meditation is your natural state, it’s a way of life. You were born that way but you simply have forgotten how to get there because of years of mental, psychological, biological, societal, and social conditioning that formed your Ego. The easiest marker you can follow is your own breathing. Breathe consciously as much as you can throughout the day. It’s basically being aware of your breath as it goes in and out of your body. If you can consciously breathe most part of the day, you can stay grounded in the NOW for a majority of the entire day. Thus meditation becomes your life. You are home. 

Usually, all of us have an idea that even though we’re having a human experience, a part of us is immortal and immutable. We call that part our soul or spirit or atman (in Hindi). We understand that within our being, there is something that exists beyond birth and death. This knowledge isn’t there mistakenly. No matter what notions we have about the nature of this immortal soul/spirit, we can’t deny that its there. Our spirit is our presence. Our presence is our experience/awareness in the NOW. Our Now is always the same and stays the unaffected by time. Our Now is the one thing we share with everyone and everything. The Now is the one common factor among all living and non-living beings in existence. Our bodies, minds, feelings, perceptions might be different but our Now or rather our presence stays the same as the single common denominator that connects us all to reality. Once you realise that your body, thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions are all temporary, appearing against the unchanging presence that you are, is when you realise the true nature of your soul/spirit. Your soul/spirit is one with your presence and one with the present moment, which in turn is one with existence itself. It’s timeless unaffected by birth and death and is one with unconditional love, happiness and everlasting peace.