sulabh swatchh bharat

Saturday, 22-September-2018


Technology is the life of modern society, but defect free software doesn’t exist

Electronic gadgets have already left a huge impact on our lifestyle; people of all ages are using different types of gadgets. It is now practically impossible to live life without these items; managing to-do list to maintaining all contacts, all our activities are controlled by gadgets and gizmos.
Modern gadgets have made us their slaves. They have adored us with glamour. They have made us physically and mentally wreck. Let’s have a look at our daily life routine. We are woken up by alarms, shavers are used for shaving, and toasters are used for making breakfast, bikes and cars for travelling purpose. The list is endless. Now imagine if any gadget stops working then the whole routine will be ruined. A chaotic situation will be created. 
This tells us our much dependence on these gadgets. Today from a Peon to PM everyone wants to hold a TV, fridge, bicycle, scooter, bike, car and even an aeroplane. For this purpose, money is required. Such is the situation that people can do anything to earn as much money as they can, by hook or by crook. Thus for these gadget people are ready to sell their moral values.
 These gadgets are acting like our masters. Whatever they tell, people do it happily. Far are not those days when these gadgets would take over mankind.
Cell phones lie at the centre of our life; reminders, to-do’s, contacts, emails – everything can be tracked with a latest cell phone set. Music lovers can buy a mobile phone with good sound quality, radio and enough memory to store songs.
Imagine living in the era of 1970s when there was no Mobile, Internet, Laptop and all other mentioned stuff. Telling your friends about the next day plan was not that easy. Preparing notes by searching something on Google or Wikipedia was not there for people of that era. You are travelling and want to listen to music, forget it, not even the walkmans were introduced at that time and you can’t carry that bulky transistor radio with you all the time.
What would we be without technology? Without it, knowledge would not have been disseminated as efficiently throughout the world. The message would have been hard to deliver to the right audience at the right time at the right place. Without mass communication, our technological growth would most certainly have been stunted from lack of information.
It is difficult to imagine our lives without the various forms of media. In fact, right from dusk to dawn, it is ‘technology’ that makes our life easier.
Modern devices have become slaves of complete machines. There is no job that cannot be done without the help of machines and there is no area of human activity, where the machines should not be used. No one can deny the fact that a gadget not only simplifies our lives but also makes them comfortable and luxurious.
This dependence on the machines has changed the very human psychology. We no longer have the ability to work hard or bear pain or discomfort. All this has led to increased irritability, tension, anxiety and anger. Thus, “slavery” has given us the pleasure-seeking “animals” that only care about the comfort of the animals. 
In other words, we can say that the dependence on machines made us lethargic physically mentally and emotionally dead. If we want to revive and get out of this slavery, we must resort to manually work hard and give a spirit of power and vitality that we can live free of disease and health.
Thus the aspect of human life has made man fully prone to moral the deterioration. Therefore, today man has become a machine – emotionless and devoid of mercy, pity, peace etc.
“Electronic devices, like pharmaceutical drugs, have an impact on the micro-cellular structure and complex biochemistry of our brains. And that, in turn, affects our personality, our behaviour and our characteristics,” says Professor Susan Greenfield in her book. “It’s pretty clear that the screen based, two-dimensional world that so many teenagers- ad a growing number of adults- choose to inhabit is producing changes in behaviour. Attention spans are shorter, personal communication skills are reduced and there’s a marked reduction in the ability to think abstractly.” The games-driven generation interprets the world through screen-shaped eyes, she insists. It’s almost as if something hasn’t really happened until it’s been posted on Facebook or You Tube.
In the business-centred existence, there is probably no going back to pre-computer age. That age demands that we do more of our work ourselves; information won’t travel so quickly, and medical science may not get frozen. But consider this story: If all modern technology shut-down and we were forced to live without e-appliances and gadgets, we’d adapt. It might signal more face-to-face with people instead of e-mails and texting, might mean more walking and knowing what goes on in our neighbourhood. 
We might come out of the “lonesome boundary of life” that teleworking creates, and stop to smile at our neighbour, rather than at shadow appearing on a pixilated screen. Some of us might even start a campaign for the rights of pedestrians. 
Children have become obese; it is one of our major problems among the children as they sit glued for hours to their computers and television sets. They don’t go to parks for any outdoor games and don’t do any kind of physical exercise.
Physical work and sweat are necessary for maintaining health. Parents and teachers should be more watchful. They should encourage the children to do manual work. Last but not the least awareness should be created among the people through mass media. People should decrease their dependency on machines and must be encouraged to do physical work. It will be beneficial for physical health as well as mental soundness.
Maybe it’s time to cut down the computer/cell phone/television-coloured hours and step out to look at the moon. Or go to the lovely resorts and spend time fishing, swimming, taking pictures of animals or simply gazing at the beauty of nature.
To conclude, it can’t be denied that modern technology is now a major part of one’s life. The point is that everyone needs to make sure that humans are aware of the bad and good impact, which technological advancement has on life. However, we should make a full use of it to achieve our goals and dreams rather than to become dependent on it.