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Saturday, 16-February-2019


15-year-old Mathura boy invents unique garbage-collecting cart

Sikanto Mandal was a mere 15-year-old when he first came up with the idea of creating a manual waste lifting and dumping device as an innovative alternative to picking waste with bare hands. Sikanto is a student of Jai Gurudev Sanstha School, Mathura, which provides free education to underprivileged children. Here at school, one of their early morning duties is to pick up and dump waste. During this only Sikanto observed his batchmates struggled with the unenthusiastic task. Thus he decided to help his friends clean up the school premises better.
Spending over a month and a half, Sikanto built his first model out of wood. Scraping together parts of old furniture, discarded bicycle chains and brakes, he created the preliminary model of his mobile garbage collection machine. The USP of the ‘Swachhta Cart Sikanto’ is how it is fully manual and easy to carry and operate – unlike other garbage collection devices in the market, which require electricity, battery or fuel for functioning. The garbage collection cart is equipped with a picker that collects garbage without the need to manually touch it, a gripper and a handle which helps easy dumping of the garbage. When Sikanto discussed his idea and the problem of funds with his teachers, they encouraged him to apply for the Inspire Awards by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. The authorities were impressed by the young innovator’s design, selected his entry and awarded Rs 5,000 to him to build a model. Sikanto dreams of becoming an engineer and innovate many more solution-based machines. Nonetheless, he continues to worry about his family’s financial condition and hopes his innovation will help him pull his family out of their financial doldrums.