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Saturday, 16-February-2019


“I am no martyr but I regret nothing” Saira Banu

She Embodies the Natural Beauty of the Soul
Undoubtedly she is the ultimate diva who is beyond comparison on screen, her alluring beauty was as delicate as filigreed silver. In a male-dominated film industry, Saira Banu was amongst the top class actresses. She surmounted histrionic limitations as she was the biggest glamour icon. She was the beauty that radiated warmth.
She started out when she was merely 16 but gradually gradually reached the pinnacle where nobody could reach her. Only some have the rare opportunity of becoming an astonishing star on their very first film. Saira thrived because of her debut in Junglee which coincided with the onset of the era of colour and Kashmir in Hindi films.
She is a creative artist who is still in the minds of the people. She has an adorable beauty that matches her style and elegance. The younger generation follow the vintage style portrayed by Saira Banu. Real beauty never fades and Saira Banu is an echo of the past still flourishing in the present. She was not an accomplished dancer like many other actresses yet she earned a great success through her hard work.
Fashion enhanced her magnificent beauty. Her concerted acting skills along with sense of style gave out breath-taking prominent moments on screen. She was always comfortable with her unique dressing. She changed the image of an Indian woman in a saree and made it look scintillating with her laid back and childlike innocence. She was the perfectionist when it comes to clothes. She shone like a star on the sky. She always demanded to dress as per the occasion. She was the stylish actress par excellence by many.
She showed surprising fair for light-hearted drama in a film like Shagir. Her electric comic interactions with IS johar saw her bagging the Filmfare best actress nomination.
She fell in love with Dilip Kumar who was 19 years older than her. Saira Banu was just 22 the time she got married with legendary icon Dilip Kumar. She faced hard times later in the marriage when her husband was involved in an extra-marital affair, but the couple survived because of the strong bond of love. She was vivacious and Dilip Kumar intense and handsome. They also created magic on screen. Saira Banu always dreamed of marrying only Dilip Kumar. She learned Urdu for Dilip Kumar spoke excellent Urdu. Right from the childhood she had always dreamed of becoming a super star and to marry the man of her dream Dilip Kumar. 
Ever since after her marriage, most of the films didn’t line the pockets of the distributors as success chose to play hide and seek. After her marriage, Saira preferred looking for dramatic roles. Her valiant attempts to establish a reputation as an actress after Gopi,Sagina and Bairag all with Dilip kumar met with very limited success.
They were the golden couple of Bollywood. She was once the trend-setter of Indian cinema but her marriage has in one way blown away her professional life. In 1976 she decided to end her acting career. She weathered a storm in her marriage but she primarily concentrated on being Mrs Dilip Kumar.