sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 22-November-2018


Attachment to anything blinds us to the inevitability of time

Attachment is the cause of suffering in the human experience. And this seemingly unimportant habit of constantly being attached to things in life becomes the source of our suffering. We get attached to materialistic objects, our homes, our bank accounts, our partners, our environment etc. Because of this attachment we have a hard time coping when we suffer a loss of something we are deeply attached to. We simply become so conditioned to hold onto things we love that we forget about the inevitability of life - that all things must go once they come into existence. Nothing is permanent. Not even our own lives. We shouldn’t strive to hold onto permanence in terms of our physical reality but instead we should use the inevitability of our existence as a focus as to not waste a single moment in life where we are not being true to our core selves. 
Life is limited and that’s what makes it so much more valuable and precious. We must learn to balance nurturing the sacredness of life whilst remembering that life is not permanent. Non attachment to everything in life creates a certain distance between the true self and the ego self that filters our experiences. We all know that positive and negative experiences are part of the dual nature of life. 
Having a certain level of detachment to one’s life allows one to fully live the entire spectrum of experiences yet not carry any of the acquired positivity or negativity. It’s a place of neutrality where the being of the person becomes as clear as the sky that contains many things in it but is unstained by its contents. We must make peace with the fact that life is a dynamic arrangement of reality and everything is changing and nothing is permanent. 
Once we have accepted this truth we can start living from a place of non attachment. Non attachment lends an insightful perspective to life which we usually miss otherwise. One gets to see things and experience things as their core self and not through the bias of the ego. By distancing ourselves and not being overly attached to the material world, we get closer to the spiritual world. 
Our life experiences then start reflecting the true expression of who we are and this is also known as being free of suffering. Negative experiences don’t phase a detached person and being detached here doesn’t mean being disconnected, cold, uncompassionate and lacking empathy. One needs to learn to be fully engaged in the world and carry out their activities as usual, it’s just that one learns not to get attached to any of it. That’s why the quote -” Be from the world but not of it” is repeated often.