sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 14-November-2018


Sixteen years old Sundaram has developed a simple manual to introduce computers to the underpriviledged

Motivated by the Digital India Programme helmed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 16-year-old Kartikeya Thiyam Sundaram has has developed a simple yet comprehensive manual to introduce computers to the underprivileged. Kartikeya wants to contribute to this initiative within his means, so he independently designed the course and content in both Hindi and English. A student of GD Goenka World School Sohna, Kartikeya has been supported in his endeavor by The Utsav Foundation where he volunteered during winter vacations He worked there to spread computer literacy among underprivileged children and adults. Within a span of just 30 days, Kartikeya comprised a step-by-step introduction to learning the basics of digital technology like handling a computer, typing, graphical user interface, file management. Besides this  he added illustrations and links to publicly available YouTube videos that explain each concept in simple Hindi language. The manual also contains guidance notes for teachers to deliver the course to students and relevant images and test papers to evaluate and certify the knowledge of the students.