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Saturday, 16-February-2019


Shimla Judge Works All Night in Control Room to Ensure Water Supply

Amongst the acute water crisis hit “Queen of the Hills” or Shimla, a wonderfully positive step has been taken by the state’s highest judicial authority the acting Chief Justice Sanjay Karol.
Chief Justice Sanjay Karol has been working on hearing the petitions regarding the water crisis case and while doing so he made up his mind to inspect the situation of water himself in the four water control rooms of Shimla Municipal Corporation.
Justice Karol spent the entire night in the water control rooms alongside Senior Municipal Corporation officials to make sure that there is an undisturbed water supply for the people of Shimla.
Not only this, Justice Karol also asked the tourists living in the ridge area where the central water control room is wlocated about the possible solutions to tackle the water crisis and also inquired about the citizens’ complaints and manpower available.
“It was a rare gesture by him and showed his resolve to see that a highly reliable mechanism is put in place” said officials present there.