sulabh swatchh bharat

Sunday, 16-December-2018


Author of two best-sellers has been fighting for women rights for NRI women in Britain

52-year-old Jasvinder Sanghera is becoming a pivotal pillar to those helpless women who want to get rid of the clutches of forced marriage.  Her nonprofit organisation Karma Nirvana helps women who are trapped in an abusive relationship or want to escape the prospect of forced marriage and are the victim of any kind of “honour” based crime. She is a highly acclaimed international speaker and an expert advisor to the courts. Jasvinder is recognised as bringing the issue of forced marriage into the public domain. The author of two best-selling books- Shame, which described her own experiences, and Daughters of Shame, detailing the stories of some of the thousands of women who had been helped by the charity. Karma Nirvana took birth from her own turmoil. Jasvinder ‘s father left India’s Punjab in the 1950s to live in England. His values didn’t allow daughters to complain about the in-laws to her parents. Whenever they complained about the in-laws’ oppression or husband, they were advised to keep their in-laws happy. After five of her sisters had already been married off to men they had not chosen, Jasvinder refused to follow the same path. But Jaswinder’s mood was different. She was not in her nature to endure pain like her sisters. She wanted to live an independent life by reading and writing.   So after leaving her home and spent many nights at different parks, Jasvinder found a motto to fight against this atrocity.