sulabh swatchh bharat

Tuesday, 25-September-2018


The government needs to improve the regulatory mechanism and intensify implementation of sectoral programmes for better urban water and sanitation systems

For a better urban water and sanitation system in the country, the government needs to improve the regulatory mechanism and intensify implementation of sectoral programmes, TERI University said.
The University, involved in environmental research, has also urged the government to enhance capacities of Urban Local Bodies, improve data management and foster an enabling environment for finance.
The recommendations are part of a comprehensive report, jointly released by TERI University, US Agency for International Development and Coca-Cola India, which calls for more detailed data to “help city managers make cities cleaner”.
Examining three years (2014-17) of policies and programmes to improve access to clean water and sanitary facilities, it presents policymakers a snapshot of efforts made since the beginning of Swachh Bharat Mission.
“The report basically focuses on the areas and ways the government can improve in making urban water and sanitation conditions effective,” TERI University’s Pro Vice Chancellor Rajiv Seth told IANS. “The report has key recommendations on how to make waste collection and waste treatment effective.”As part of the report, the organisations also seek establishment of legal framework with principles and norms to guide the implementation of safe and sustainable urban sanitation.
It also calls for the devolving power to Urban Local Bodies and introducing stringent regulatory measures in scientific management of solid waste, faecal sludge, and septage for strict enforcement of the polluter pays principle.
TERI also sought incentivising scientific management of faecal sludge and promoting entrepreneurship in this area.
Among other key recommendations are promoting the engagement of the corporate sector and providing an enabling environment for implementing innovative, replicable models of supplying safe drinking water, improved sanitation and septage management in urban areas.