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Thursday, 22-November-2018


Lighting the dark rooms naturally

The creative mind has no limitation and this has been proved by innovators time and again. Yogesh Kumar (47), an employee of AG office, Bihar, has the passion to create something new applying his scientific acumen. Though he does not have the have the required degrees in science or technical field but his creativity is above the bookish knowledge. He has made several electronic gadgets useful for day to day life. Now, he is working on providing sunlight in dark rooms. It’s not like that the solution provided by Vastu experts who tell customers to break the wall and make a window or apply a mirror to reflect the sun rays into the dark room by using mirrors.
Yogesh was a bit reluctant to tell every minute details of his latest innovation. “I have successfully experimented this. It works but I will tell the world after applying for patent”, he said.
What this reporter comes to know after seeing the experiment that Yogesh uses optical fibre cables to collect the sun rays from outside and then throws the light to a dark room to keep it lit.
“The theory is simple. It’s a bunch of optical fibre cables having a concave lens at the one end and convex lens at the other. Sun rays passing through the concave lens get intensified in the optical fibre cable and the other end having convex lens throws the entire light into the room giving a feeling of perfect sunlight into the dark room”, he said. “Further the flexibility of optical fibre cable makes it easy to carry into the room like electrical wire. No power is required in its operation and one can enjoy the natural light in his darkroom spending a few bucks. After installation, it’s free of cost for life”, he said.
His innovation will certainly help the people residing in the houses constructed in the lanes and by-lanes of the urban areas where rooms hardly get the sunlight and they have to keep bulbs remain on 24x365 hours to get the room lighted and spend more money on electricity bills.
Yogesh, needs no introduction, especially in Bihar. His was a national-level hockey player represented Bihar in different junior and senior national championships. He was a goalkeeper and earned laurels while keeping the post. He was also awarded the best player award given by the governor of Bihar. Yogesh later took up the responsibility to coach youngsters in hockey. In the coaching field, he also made his mark as the coach of the Bihar women hockey teams from junior to senior levels.  He also spent times to promote hockey in girls’ schools of Patna and on several occasions, his team-Government Girls School (Shastri Nagar, Patna) created a flutter in national tournaments. Ajitesh Roy, the former Indian hockey team captain, who inked his name as the first international player from Bihar after its bifurcation in 2000, is the pupil of Yogesh. He also got medals from Bihar government and other social organizations for his contribution to hockey.
He got a job in the Accountant General office, Patna, for his brilliant performance on the field. Now, he is working in the IT Audit section of the AG office. In his free time, Yogesh developed his passion for electronics, computer and photography. He started making electronic devices using waste products coming out of defunct electronic gadgets.
He has made his house talismanic as if you come close to his door-hello welcome- sound will greet you and the doorbell will start ringing. The electrical arrangements in the rooms are automatic as the blubs will give as much light as required and all the electrical devices are working on solar panels.
“I have turned my house as an energy conservation zone. Kitchen chimney goes on with the ignition of gas burners In washroom, light and exhaust fan start working automatically when you enter there”, he said.
He has also made automatic drip irrigation system depending on climatic condition and an alarm for an earthquake. Watching a movie on his theatre sound system is a unique experience. Among the other useful equipment, he has devised nano cooler and home security system. Now, Yogesh is trying to patent his devices so that others can not copy them. Yogesh has also love for birds. He has made a birdhouse in his balcony where sparrows, and other birds, reside and also give eggs.
His workshop is his balcony where he works during free time to use the waste and scraps for his next innovation. In mushroom cultivation, he has also left his mark. He has cultivated mushrooms in cold drink bottles, 5 to 20 litres jars, old tyres and poly bags to give a new dimension to the cultivation of this mineral and protein-rich vegetable. He has invented a device to control the level of moisture keeping in mind the commercial production of mushroom.
His home looks like a magician house where everything you want comes from electronic devices. Yogesh is also health freak, he has made a multi-gymnasium in his balcony using scraps. His gymnasium takes little space comparing to traditional one and also has less weight. His latest in the gym front is a cycle which charges the inverter battery as you paddle it. More you paddle the inverter gets charged faster.
“I am looking forward to making the gymnasium commercially as it will solve the problems of health as well use of extra electricity for charging inverter batteries”. He said.
While making the gymnasium, Yogesh uses shockers instead heavy metal plates for the muscles and power strength build-up process.”It’s a complete gymnasium that you find in the big commercial gym in the market. You have to spend a few thousands of rupees and lesser space to install it”, he said. “In my calculation, the gym can be made ready by the money which you spend for registration fees in the high-tech multi-gymnasium. The gym is portable, flexible and adjustable”, he said. The bench press section of the gym is unique as Yogesh has made a shoe box there to make the perfect use of the vacant space.
On his future plans, he said he wanted to make devices and machines to be used in agriculture and less expensive smart home for the uses of common people