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Monday, 22-October-2018


She noticed her poor student living in unsafe home - decided to rectify!

Everything about this 57-year-old retired zoology professor is unique -- and what stands out is her abiding compassion for the deprived. In 11 years, she has built new homes for 78 people in a sterling example of philanthropy in a region where Gulf emigres build extravagant homes, radically altering the rural landscape.
M S Sunil’s altruism started back in 2006 when it came to her notice that one of her poor students was living in an unsafe home. She decided to rectify that.
There was no stopping her after that as she went on to build 77 homes in her home district of Pathanamthitta and one in nearby Kollam district where most home construction is funded by Keralites working abroad.
She completed her 78th house last month.
As for the funds required, she said while the first home cost around Rs 60,000, the last one that has been handed over cost her Rs 2.50 lakh.