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Monday, 17-December-2018

Highest bidder gets Toilet Seat Art

Barney Smith has been nurturing his hobby of turning trash into artistic treasure for last five decades with over 1,000 custom toilet seats.

92  year old Barney Smith has created over 1,000 custom toilets seats for his garage museum in Alamo Heights. Spending nearly half his life creating friendships through his love for seat art, he is now ready to part with his collection and auction it off. Smith’s had a 50 year old hobby of turning trash into treasure.

Smith is the owner of Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum with 1,200 spectacularly decorated toilet covers that he has created his art on. Thousands of art lovers from around the world have stopped by his museum in Alamo Heights. Smith is very passionate about his art and his museum. He enjoys talking to visitors and working on toilet seats until early mornings. With only three years from reaching centenarian status, he and his family have decided to part ways with the exhibit and auction it off. “He’s 97 years old and he just can’t keep going out there everyday,” his daughter Julia Murders said.