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Saturday, 16-February-2019


Deepanjali Dalmia quit her well-off job to voice the personal hygiene of women

Having grown up and studied in women’s only institutions like Carmel Convent School in New Delhi for 14 years and Barnard College in Columbia University, New York, Deepanjali Dalmia always had a feminist drive within her. If there was one thing she was clear about- she wanted to do everything in her power to empower other women.
Probably the push that made her quit her well-paying job as a financial consultant at Ernst & Young (New York) in 2015 and venture into the personal hygiene sector to start her own company – Heyday – a complete end-to-end biodegradable and organic sanitary napkin to help women in a metropolitan setting make an informed choice.
Heyday’s 12 production lines across China and Finland make over 448 million pads today. While the pad is produced in China, its fully biodegradable cover is manufactured in Finland. The final packaging, instead of polythene like regular sanitary pads, is done in a paper mono carton.
So, the full packet including the cover and the soiled napkin is 100 per cent biodegradable.
Even though the company may not make as much margin as big players, their focus is on women making conscious educated choices first.