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Wednesday, 19-December-2018


Dunedin’s oldest public toilet is put under the microscope

The latest heritage building to have its future scrutinized is the oldest public toilet in Dunedin. Built in 1912, its doors were bricked up after 1976 and the interior was preserved.The building is octagonal that appears to be leaning. It also has a huge crack in its brickwork on one of the walls. Jendi Paterson, Recreation planning and facilities manager, said a heritage report on the building was being compiled by a consultant.

“Once we’ve got a draft back we’ll liaise with Heritage New Zealand, and have a look at the options.”One can’t draw any conclusions as any decision on what might be done with it would have to wait until the report was completed.Once the report was finished there would be discussions with the council’s heritage planner and Heritage New ZealandCouncil archivist Alison Breese said the building was almost demolished in 1976 and a public notice was placed in newspapers of the time.

Since bus drivers were using them, the building was spared. It was uncertain when both doorways were bricked up.Now the council’s heritage planner eagerly awaits the reports.