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Saturday, 25-May-2019


Indians rallied around a child and his family after a photo circulated online of him crying next to his uncle’s body

Apicture got viral recently on Twitter of a seven-year-old boy crying near his uncle’s dead body.
The picture and the story behind it broke peoples heart not only in India but abroad too. And once again people proved by joining hands together that ‘Humanity is above all’.
Indian journalist Shiv Sunny shared the heartbreaking picture and tweeted: “The boy... held [his uncle’s] cheeks with both hands, just said ‘baba’ and began sobbing.”
“The man was yet another poor labourer who died in a Delhi sewer. Family did not have money for cremating him,” the journalist added in his post, which was shared more than 15,000 times so far.
Photographs of the boy crying next to the body of his uncle who died while cleaning a sewer in India prompted social media users to raise nearly $78,902 to support the family.
Sunny also spoke to the grieving boy, who told him that he would sometimes accompany his uncle to work and “wait outside guarding his clothes and shoes from thieves”.
“My uncle would say it still wasn’t yet time for me to enter the sewers,” Shiv Sunny quoted the boy as saying.
As soon as Sunny posted the photos on Twitter, social media users began writing back to him, asking how they could help the family. He shared their bank details and, as more people, including a famous film actor, shared his post, money started trickling in.
Soon, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on Ketto - a crowdfunding platform - by Rahul Verma, founder of a non-government organisation called Uday Foundation. He said the campaign has so far raised nearly $70,000 (5m rupees).
Thanks to the generosity of his local community the family was able to cremate Anil’s body.
Sunny told the BBC that he hoped the money raised by the nation would go some way to help support Anil’s children through school.
“I just wanted to draw attention to the deaths of sewer workers,” he told the BBC.
“It [the photo] told the story of the family’s plight.
With people offering to help, [they] may have a future now.”