sulabh swatchh bharat

Monday, 22-October-2018


The Police has planned a campaign for 2018 at IGI airport for teaching good manners to taxi drivers

A drive to teach good manners to taxi drivers has been planned for the next year at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. This campaign will be launched by the Police and other related agencies to check instances of drug addiction in drivers and to keep them away from criminal activities. The success of the campaign is being acknowledged as over five hundred participants have already enrolled in the program. The reason behind the campaign is to improve the behaviour of taxi drivers. With the tourists coming from all around the world and passengers’ reactions being important as they land in the national capital, such a program is urgently needed. In addition to this, the idea is to stop incidents of drunken and criminal offences on the part of drivers, misbehaviour with women passengers and other obscene acts. Delhi Police has seen this campaign as linked to the security of women passengers.
Sanjay Bhatia, the Deputy Commissioner of Police at Indira Gandhi International Airport, believes that an airport is a place where travellers first hire a taxi for their destination. The behaviour of cab drivers is always remembered by the passengers when they reach their home or any other destination. Occasionally, the events that happen in this place keep revolving in the passenger’s memory at a later time. If the experience has been a negative one it becomes a traumatic memory for them. This is especially bad for women travellers, and it becomes a very unpleasant memory for them. Therefore this is the police’s initiative to prevent such a negative impression. It also aims to create an image of the airport that becomes memorable for every person and the agencies. The police will study after this campaign whether such a plan has reduced the number of mis-happenings. The behaviour of the taxi drivers will be tested and it will be publicized in a big way.
According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, many times our country gets a negative image due to drinking and pornography addiction. Therefore, it has been taken up as a campaign to save the reputation of the drivers as well as that of the country. Under the campaign, the counselling and d-addiction of taxi drivers are being done in separate batches per day. This campaign will last for one year during which about 5000 taxi drivers running their vehicles from the airport will participate. On further success, it will be extended to other drivers. Police Deputy Commissioner also claimed that many taxi drivers have given up their bad addictions after joining the program and are justifying the campaign. Taxi driver Amarendra says that after dropping the habit of alcohol, there has been a lot of change.
Psychologist Manoj Sinha says that this campaign will prove to be a milestone. India’s image is believed to be exemplary in the matter of reception of guests all over the world. Occasionally there is a small incident which defames the whole country.  Such disclosure, for the police, which takes charge of security matters, proves to be a challenge. Therefore, if the taxi drivers working at the airport are alert, then the information about such smugglers can be reported to the security agencies before the incident takes place, and the police can thwart their plans. Due to the taxi drivers’ role in bringing the citizens of the country and abroad from and to the airport, their help in these matters could be important. Therefore, the purpose of this campaign can be useful in many ways for the country’s interest.