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Wednesday, 19-June-2019


He would ever be remembered not only for his scholarly career in English literature but also for his genial disposition, his sterling qualities of head and heart

On the 16th Punya Tithi of Dr RK Sinha, a doyen of English literature in India, Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, founder, Sulabh International Social Service Organisation, praised and thanked Dr RK Sinha Memorial Committee and Department of English, Patna University, for organising lectures in the memory of Dr RK Sinha who actively taught for more than forty years and remained a teacher till the last breath of his life.
“Although he is not with us physically, yet spiritually he is very much in our heart and mind. When we remember his peerless qualities as a voracious reader, extraordinary teacher, powerful speaker, erudite scholar, untiring researcher, and compassionate human being, we feel highly inspired and I hope he will continue to inspire the coming generations for years to come. He had such a tremendous capacity of analysing a text that he put the positive and negative aspects of it before the students. He saw the text in its totality. His popularity can be gauged from the fact that the students and teachers of other departments frequently attended his lectures which continued for more than three hours. The greatest tribute to him would be to emulate his style of studying, teaching and doing research work,” Dr Pathak said.
He further said, “From 1937, the year he joined as a lecturer, till his death in 2003, he only read and read and read books on all genres of literature, taught students and guided research scholars and was available to them all the time and he did not hanker after anything else...”
“Dr Sinha’s work on Lawrence is really praiseworthy. While remembering Dr RK Sinha on his 16th Punya Tithi and realising the importance of Lawrence’s philosophy I would make an appeal to the Department of English, Patna University to organise an International Seminar on Lawrence and other writers whose philosophy, is highly needed by humanity these days. I shall be happier if Literary Influences on DH Lawrence is also published next year on the occasion of Dr Sinha’s 17th Punya Tithi. Dr RK Sinha Chair should also be established in the Department of English. I would be happy to help the chair financially.”
Lecture on ‘Ancient India’s Search For Identity & For Its Suitable Language’ on August 27, 2018 at AN Sinha Institute of Social Studies Patna, Bihar was organised by Dr RK Sinha Memorial Committee & Department of English, Patna University, Bihar.
Dr Sameer Kumar Sharma, Secretary of RK Sinha Memorial and Prof of English, Patna University, felicitated Dr Pathak and other dignitaries with memento, sapling and angvastra after the floral tribute to Late RK Sinha.
The book release of ‘Literary Waves’ volumes of scholarly articles written by scholars across the globe as a tribute to the memory of Dr RC Prasad and the Journal ‘Approaches’ by the guests. The journal is assisted financially by Dr Pathak.

Be like Dr Sinha
Dr Damodar Thakur, Prof of Linguistic while paying tribute to Dr Sinha said, “The real compliment to Dr RK Sinha will be to make him proud whereever he is in heaven by our scholarship, by our research. History is waiting for someone, for as many people as possible to have that kind of scholarship and that will be the real compliment and memorial to Dr Sinha.
Try to search your identity, who we really are. Find the ‘Me’ in you, the thing that never changes. What is ‘me’ on you all?”
Be polite to each other, have a tone of sweetness. Be cordially, and seek language while talking to each other. Don’t speak in a way, in which people enrage and divide themselves in bits and groups. Keep yourselves away from polluting the minds.  And being only sweet is not enough, let there be some elegance in your language. The world will prosper this way.”

Modernizer of English Department
Dr Awadhesh Kumar Sharma, Editor, Sulabh India said, “When it comes to speak about my mentor, my teacher, my revered guru Prof Sinha, I am reminded of the title of one of the Volumes of Bachchan’s autobiography—‘Kya Bhulu, Kya Yaad Karun’. Every day I remember him but I like to first express my gratitude on behalf of all to Dr Pathak for immortalising the memory of legendary teacher of our time.”
Narrating an incident, he told, “Dr Sinha was invited to address teachers and students of BN College in the late 70’s. I happened to be there luckily to hear his lecture. I vividly remember his whole lecture by like to mention two important points from it. While addressing to teachers he said ‘It is the singular prerogative of the teacher to be paid for a lifetime to keep reading, to keep studying. You’re not paid for anything else, so don’t forget why society pays you throughout your life and this is for all the teachers to remember. Secondly, he asked teachers to treat classroom like tuition or coaching classes, and I don’t think you will ever need tuition from then. Live with what you have given, you will live very comfortably.” 
He was a man of pure literature. He took out the English department from the Victorian Age to Modern Age. The credit of modernizing English department, not only in Patna University but to whole North India goes to Dr RK Sinha.

Dignitaries present on the occasion were Chairperson Dr Shanker Ashish Dutt, Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, Founder, Sulabh International Social Service Organisation, Dr Damodar Thakur, Prof of Linguist, Dr Sonjoy Dutta Roy, Vice-Chancellor of Patna University, Dr Rash Bihari Prasad Singh, Dr JP Singh, Former Vice-Chancellor of LNM University, Darbhanga, Dr Awadhesh Kr Sharma, Editor, Sulabh India.
Literature is the powerhouse of diverse sorts of ideas. We can apply these ideas creatively in transforming and reconstructing society based on the principles of equality and liberty, as well as empowerment and upward social movement. Let us, therefore, use our study of literature for enhancing the quality of life of people and making this world more lovely and homogeneous.