sulabh swatchh bharat

Friday, 20-July-2018


Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, Founder of Sulabh Sanitation and Social Reform Movement, spoke with the female students at Gargi college about cleanliness and inaugurated the newly built Sulabh toilet complex in the college

It is often seen that people forget their promises, but Sulabh has fulfilled its promise. For this, the entire college family expresses its thanks to Dr Pathak and Sulabh. These are the words of Gargi College’s Principal, Promila Kumar, at the inaugural function of the Sulabh toilets. In the college campus, the newly constructed Sulabh toilet complex was inaugurated by Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, Founder of Sulabh Sanitation and Social Reform Movement. Dr Pathak also planted trees on this occasion. Prior to this, the Principal of the college, Promila Kumar, welcomed Dr Pathak by presenting him flower bouquets and shawls. Addressing the inaugural function, Dr Pathak said that any person who speaks about toilets is doing a great thing. He said that toilets in today’s era are more important than food. A person without food can survive but cannot live without defecation. It is also said in the Puranas, that there should not be any defecation around the house. It should be away from home, after digging the pit and defecating, it should be covered with clay. Five thousand years ago there were no toilets, a room was built in the palace for the kings, where they used to go and the untouchables used to clean it afterwards. The practice of scavenging has been going on since then. After the British rule in India, the sewer system started. Sulabh has given freedom to the scavenger brothers and sisters by the construction of the Sulabh toilets. If Sulabh had not made toilets than the practice of letting the country become full of filth would never have ended. Sulabh has not only freed them from this practice but also turned them into  ‘Brahmins’. Today, they are sitting with people of high castes, eating food with them, worshipping in temples and living with respect. Earlier, people used to earn only Rs 1000 or 2000, but they  have started making papad, pickles, mats etc., they are now are able to earn ten thousand to fifteen thousand rupees a week, with efforts made by Sulabh. Dr Pathak requested the college students to take special care of cleanliness and always be prepared to help others. Apart from this, Dr Pathak discussed with the college staff and explained to them the goals of Sulabh. He said during the discussion that we should always behave well with people. When we respect someone, they respect us respect us too. He said that people will love if you are humble in your life. During this discussion, the 
girls from the college presented handmade paper bags to Dr Pathak. Dr Pathak gifted the college principal Promila Kumar the book “The Making of a Legend” written on the life of Prime Minister Modi. Meanwhile, the Street Play Society ‘Kshitij’ made the presentation of ‘Building a toilet made Ramu a Hero’. Dr Pathak appreciated this presentation and also announced the plan of honouring of the entire team on September 17.