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Monday, 18-June-2018


District Magistrate of Varanasi, Yogeshwar Ram Mishra has adopted an upper primary school and is also teaching the children there

Setting a note-worthy example for society, a district magistrate from UP is doing things that fall out of his job description for the betterment of children.
The district magistrate of Varanasi, Yogeshwar Ram Mishra adopted an upper primary school in his region last month.
 “I adopted the school to improve the quality of education. As a part of the initiative, I teach students for about an hour every week. There is tremendous improvement in the knowledge and confidence of the students,” Yogeshwar said in an interview. 
Every Saturday Yogeshwar has been teaching arithmetic, English and science to children from standard 1 to 8. He also tries his best to make the classes more interactive.
There is no strict timetable for the classes he teaches. Students can enter and leave classrooms at random. He says that he takes his students’ choices into consideration and teaches what they want to learn. He also spreads awareness about environmental conservation and encourages students to plant saplings along the school yard.
“Improving quality in primary and upper primary schools may be a challenge, but is not impossible. It can be improved with little efforts,” he said.
Yogeshwar also makes it a point to talk his students on topics apart from studies by engaging them in friendly banter.“Children interact with me and sometimes ask questions related to cricket and history. It is great to see that my effort has boosted the confidence of the students,” he added.
In a school with an enrollment of 53 students, Yogeshwar found that many children wanted to speak English. In order to provide them with the exposure, he has charted out plans of taking them to the movies in the coming weeks.
Yogeshwar found that most of his 53 school students desired to learn and speak English. To give them exposure to the language, he has planned to take them to English movies in the next few weeks. 
Before Mishra adopted the school, it lacked basic infrastructure. After the DM’s intervention, CSR activities of a corporate entity are going to help refurbish the school. He is also working towards making the schools digitally equipped with computers and projectors.