sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 14-November-2018


If we start looking for peace, happiness from within us, we can create an everlasting equilibrium of peace and love

Any human desire if backtracked enough, ultimately comes down to – Happiness, Love, and Peace. We spend our entire lives trying to fulfill these desires in the hopes of permanence yet the pursuits of our desires never end because the satisfaction that we get from fulfilled desires is temporary. Our thirst for meaning and purpose in life is quenched every time our desires get fulfilled until the next moment when we start desiring something else. The problem here is not the desires themselves, but the place we look toward to getting them fulfilled. We look towards external circumstances for happiness, love, and peace in our lives. If our happiness, peace, and love come from external circumstances then we give those external circumstances the power to take it away as well. If my happiness comes from acquiring material objects, power, and fame in life then I stand to lose my happiness the moment the objects, power, and fame get taken away from my life. Same goes for peace and love.
So as long as I look for my happiness, peace, and love externally; I will always stand a chance to lose them given their temporal nature subject to the trials and tribulations of life. Now if we start looking for the same internally, our happiness, peace, and love become impervious to external circumstances. True happiness, peace, and love come from within when we are aligned with our deepest desires and intentions and stop looking for their fulfillment outside of ourselves. This is the way to an everlasting equilibrium that paves the way to a fulfilled and purposeful life. Happiness is the lack of desire for external objects, Peace is equanimity with one’s present moment, and Love is living in true Oneness with everything and everyone.