sulabh swatchh bharat

Tuesday, 25-September-2018


After participating in 30 government logo competitions his logo has finally been chosen as the calling card for India’s bullet train

Hitting the bull’s eye after 30 unsuccessful attempts, Chakradhar Aalla’s design of a Cheetah on a loco was chosen as India’s bullet train project’s calling card. 
A second-year student at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, the 27-year-old has participated in every competition announced by the Modi Government on the national web portal. He didn’t win in 30 previous competitions until now when his design was finally chosen for the bullet train project. He eagerly awaits to see his created logo on government documents and letter heads on the bullet train. The logo when inspected up close looks like a train map – it has dots representing every station and routes on it.  Incorporating the various aspects of the country’s high speed train, his design was liked by the judges. “The design looks simple, but it has deeper meaning. While the Cheetah represents speed, dependability and trust, it also represents a typical train map with the rail network etched out on its body,” Chakradhar said in an interview. His friends and family would call him the “logoman” because of his obsession with designing logos.