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Tuesday, 18-June-2019


The battle against climate change has to be won via technological advances and large-scale public mobilisation

Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres is betting that the battle against climate change will be won through the technological advances and public mobilisation even if governments fail to act.
While “there are reasons to be alarmed” about the rapid pace of climate change, “we believe that the right bet is the bet that technology is pointing to, and that bet is the green technology, and cities, companies, consumers are making that bet,” he said.
“I think that what is clear is that the reality is changed by the companies that produce, the consumers, the cities that manage,” he said. “Very little depends today, in relation to climate change, on central government.”
“I am very confident that this battle will be won, because the realities of today’s economy are such that the wise decision is the green decision,” he added, while announcing the re-appointment of Michael Bloomberg, the media tycoon and former New York mayor, as his Special Envoy for Climate Action.
“Because of technological advances, the cheapest energy today is green energy,” Guterres said.
Reinforcing it is the “enormous capacity to mobilise the civil society, the business community and the cities”, he said. “And we see cities, but also companies and civil society everywhere, leading climate action, leading the capacity of the international community to be able to beat climate change.”
Bloomberg said that “without any help whatsoever from the federal government” the US was way ahead in meeting the greenhouse gas reduction goals set for 2025.
The multi-billionaire runs a philanthropy devoted to fighting climate change and issues of immigration, gun control and public health. He was first appointed the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action by Guterres’s predecessor Ban Ki-moon in 2015.