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Wednesday, 19-December-2018


The new material being tested is almost invincible

A team of scientists from various universities have put together a new ‘miracle material’ that would be extremely durable and energy efficient and would completely change how smart devices are made. This team has been working to create durable hybrid devices that conduct electricity at high speeds, are energy efficient, and easy to manufacture in large scale. The team of scientists comprised of Dr Elton Santos from Queen’s University’s School of Mathematics and Physics and other top scientists from University of California, California State University, and Stanford University. 
The scientists discovered the ‘miracle material’ by combining layered materials like hBN and graphene with semiconducting molecules C60.  This works extremely well since hBN provides stability, electronic conductivity and isolation charge to the graphene and C60 converts sunlight to electricity. The combination of these would make a smart device that would have unique benefits like more durability, more energy efficiency, and better flexibility. 
Dr Elton Santos explains: “Our findings show that this new ‘miracle material’ has similar physical properties to Silicon but it has improved chemical stability, lightness and flexibility, which could potentially be used in smart devices and would be much less likely to break. “The material also could mean that devices use less energy than before because of the device architecture so could have improved battery life and less electric shocks.” He added: “By bringing together scientists from across the globe with expertise in chemistry, physics and materials science we were able to work together and use simulations to predict how all of the materials could function when combined -- and ultimately how these could work to help solve every day problems.