sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 19-June-2019


This incredibly noble legacy was handed down to Sridhar Reddy by his father who was gunned down by Maoists in 1998

41-year-old Mannem Sridhar Reddy spends nearly 40% of his salary to adopt schools, educate poor children, raise environmental awareness and fight the use of plastic, among other things. While his salary doesn’t cover this gamut of social services, what he also does so effectively is assist people in dire need of monetary or material assistance through his local network of contacts and Facebook page called ‘Mana Miryalaguda’, bringing many citizens onto one common platform.
After starting the Facebook page in 2009, Sridhar added many folks from his town with the objective of improving the state of government schools in his town, raise awareness among school children about health and the environment, while protecting them from the excesses of modernity.
Today, the group boasts of nearly 23,000 members, and they discuss social issues of the day, achievements of little-known initiatives and plan activities for Miryalaguda and other neighbouring towns and villages in the state of Telangana. On October 17, 1998, my father Mannem Shankar Reddy was in Yadagirigutta, a place of pilgrimage for many in my town, when he went to meet his friend, a sub-inspector, in the local police station. Unfortunately, Maoists had attacked the police station. Thinking that my father was the sub-inspector, they killed him,” he recalls. As compensation, the then administration of a unified Andhra Pradesh offered Sridhar a job as a junior assistant at the State finance department in Hyderabad.
On August 15, 1999, he initially donated some books and painting material for school kids at a government school in Edulagudem village in Nalagonda district, Telangana, which his father had adopted.
On learning that the school had no benches or study desks, he withdrew Rs 90,000 from his savings account and paid for these items besides some sports equipment.
Since then he adopted 34 schools. “I assist with everything from arranging school bags, books, food provisions, projectors, study material, painting kits, benches, ceiling fans, construction of toilets, sports equipment and other aspects of infrastructures.