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Thursday, 13-December-2018

“Developing Villages and Cities Alike”

BJP president Amit Shah says PM has shown that both reforms and welfare measures go hand in hand

National President of the BJP, Amit Shah hailed Modi for uplifting the standard of living of the poor and the marginalized. Modi is perhaps the only Prime Minister post-Independence who has not taken a single day off from his office, he said. “The Narendra Modi government has shown that both industry and agriculture can thrive side by side, that villages can be developed along with big cities and that reforms can go hand in hand with welfare measures”, Shah said. “If the definition of employment is limited to only jobs, then it won’t benefit country”, he said. 

He indicated the Modi government was confident of its return not just in 2019 Lok Sabha polls, but had put in place programmes and policies that should keep it in good stead for the subsequent 2024 elections as well. Enumerating the achievements of the Modi government, Shah, who spoke before Bhagwat, said: “The government has set a target of giving 50 million LPG connections to poor women by 2019 and to every household by 2024.”

Shah said that Modi has a nature of moving ahead while working like a normal party worker. “The works done during Narendra bhai’s tenure as Gujarat CM created a buzz. He resolved many problems in Gujarat that were decades old.”Praising the Prime Minister, Shah said that it is his habit to work for the people and tap the opportunity given by God to serve people. There should be no difference between developing a city and a village and PM Modi has proved it. The BJP president said that till the time Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat, the growth rate of the state was 12 per cent. The massive mandate which he has got today is nothing but a result of his hard work from past 12 years, he said.

Shah also highlighted some Central government plans for the future. He said, by 2024 all villages of the country would be connected to roads and every household will have toilets. Shah added that by the end of May 2018, every village of the country will have electricity and by 2019, nearly 1 crore women would get free LPG connections. Shah also said that there is still a lot left to do. Narendra Modi is still the same as he used to be when he was the CM of Gujarat. It is due to his personality, artistry, and leadership skills that all eyes are on him, he added.

For someone so closely associated with PM Modi, Amit Shah vividly spoke of a journey which started as an RSS pracharak; of the responsibilities Modi took thereafter, once deputed to the BJP. “Party sent him to Gujarat as state CM even though he had not contested even in panchayat elections,” Shah reminisced. And then he went on to describe in detail the achievements of CM Modi, especially in employment creation, irrigation and creation a conducive environment to attract private investments. There was despair and decay before the 2014 general elections, he said. Youth were out on the streets, women felt insecure and investors’ sentiment had touched a rock bottom.

The mandate of 2014 can’t be achieved by an election campaign alone, it can’t be achieved by a party, Shah said. “the massive mandate given to him is actually the blessings of 125 crore people,” he concluded.Shah also seemed to ridicule the “economic pundits” who ask him about jobless growth. “Economic pundits talk about a jobless growth and try to tear out the few hairs I have on my head by asking where the jobs are?” Shah said. The BJP president said a country with a population of 1.25 billion cannot deal with the problem of unemployment by only creating jobs and the Modi government has provided self-employment to 7.28 crore youth under its MUDRA scheme. He spoke at length about the government’s achievements.